The China International College Students' Innovation Competition is committed to furthering international cooperation and exchange in innovation education; to bringing together globally renowned colleges, universities, enterprises, and entrepreneurs; to addressing new development trends; and to building a global innovation and entrepreneurship competition platform.

The main track of the competition is open to college students worldwide, and aims to stimulate the passion for innovation and creativity in young students around the world. Through practice, students can blossom to their full potential, thereby creating an international innovation event premised on the sharing of ideas and the joint development of projects, as well as on the integration of Chinese and international perspectives, so as to strive for a promising future for all of humankind.

This AIGC short video, "Future Plan", was created by students who love AI creation from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, one of the organizers of the competition in 2024. The video and sound were created by generative artificial intelligence (AIGC) using a variety of AI tools for image generation, visual dynamics, voice-overs, and music. The film takes the concept of a "business plan", a common symbol for global innovators, as a prompt, and creates a visual connection between the ideas of "global youth" and "innovation" with those of a young man. The latter introduces his "future plan" to the world in the first person, with specific references to the various sections of the plan, such as project background, mission, team, and products. The piece also contemplates the progress of civilization, imagines a better future for all, and finally invites young people from around the world to showcase their talent and creativity on the world stage.

Editor on Duty: Yan Cheng

Responsible Editor: Jiang Qianqian, Li Xinyu