On June 29th, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) celebrated the grand reopening of the Haoran High-Tech Building, the tallest structure on its Xuhui campus. Originally constructed in 1993, the building has undergone a comprehensive upgrade to serve as an international conference center and the new home of the SJTU-BOC Institute of Technology and Finance (SJTU-BOC ITF).1720061965500056293.jpg

External view of the renovated Haoran High-Tech Building

A Legacy Rooted in History

The Haoran High-Tech Building stands on the site of the former South Building of Nanyang Public School, established in 1906. In 1993, Mr. Yin Zhihao, a distinguished alumnus and industrialist from the class of 1936, generously funded the construction of a modern multifunctional building on this historic ground. The name "Haoran" was chosen from Mencius' phrase "I am good at nourishing my vast, flowing qi," reflecting the building's aspirational spirit.4.jpg

Black and white photograph of the original South Building from the early 20th century1720062147272091770.jpg

The Haoran High-Tech Building before renovation

Embracing the Future with Cutting-Edge Technology

To meet evolving needs, SJTU initiated a comprehensive renovation in 2021. The upgraded building now boasts a total floor area of 29,478.65 square meters, with 26,924.49 square meters above ground and 2,536.63 square meters below. Standing at 103.8 meters tall, it has been reimagined to incorporate modern educational concepts and advanced teaching facilities.1720062217184009504.jpg1720062237333093062.jpg1720062252990054939.jpg1720062274647052094.jpg1720062296442093107.jpg1720062312834067477.jpg1720062340031073414.jpg1720062352631070573.jpgInterior view of the SJTU-BOC ITF Lecture Hall

The first three floors will serve as a high-standard conference center for the Xuhui campus, featuring various meeting rooms, lecture halls, and discussion areas. Floors 4 through 24 will house the SJTU-BOC Institute of Technology and Finance, providing space for teaching, academic exchanges, administrative services, and faculty offices.

1720062449565002892.jpg1720062463716013543.jpgThe SJTU-BOC ITF Immersive Conference Room


1720062545007025820.jpgA multimedia conference room equipped with state-of-the-art presentation technology

1720062590333020467.jpg1720062604627088501.jpgThe SJTU-BOC ITF Multifunctional Hall, demonstrating versatile space for various events

1720062650932066370.jpg1720062665526012597.jpgA tiered classroom, illustrating the building's educational facilities

The renovation has also significantly upgraded the building's smart capabilities. Integrating IoT, big data, AI, and digital twin technologies, the Haoran High-Tech Building now offers a "data-driven, proactive service, sustainable operation" smart experience. This transformation aims to create an efficient, environmentally friendly, and intelligent building that provides a more convenient and effective environment for teaching and research.

About the SJTU-BOC Institute of Technology and Finance 



Established in February 2022, the SJTU-BOC Institute of Technology and Finance is a collaborative effort between SJTU and the Bank of China. Under the auspices of the Antai College of Economics and Management, it aims to be a globalized, platform-based, and open institute of technology and finance built to international standards.

The institute focuses on talent cultivation, interdisciplinary research, achievement transformation, and high-end think tank functions. It explores integrated models for research result transformation, student innovation and entrepreneurship, and multi-incentive mechanisms. By creating a platform that combines industry, academia, research, innovation, and application, the institute strives to provide a mature, replicable model for technology transfer in Chinese universities.

The reopening of the Haoran High-Tech Building marks a significant step in SJTU's journey towards integrating science, technology, and finance. This modern, eco-friendly facility is set to become a crucial base for academic development and nurturing innovative talent in the years to come.

Source: SJTU-BOC Institute of Technology and Finance

Editor: JIN Xue

Translation: XU Qi