“Yuandan 2 - Going to the Next Level” is a work jointly created by the “Modeling, Presentation and Representation I” course at School of Design. Under the guidance of four tutors, Duan Bin, Chen Ting, Liu Xiaokai and Zhang Fan, 29 students from the Department of Architecture and 21 students from the Department of Landscape Architecture were divided into 7 groups, and worked together to come up with a giant sketch, spread across nearly 100 square meters.

From December 29th to January 5th, this has been exhibited in the School of Design building’s atrium. The terraced structure of the atrium is cleverly arranged to perfectly integrate art and space, injecting a smart rhythm into the quiet room.

The work is based on the wooden pagoda at Yingxian, Shanxi, built in 1056 A.D. It is the tallest and oldest pure wooden structure pavilion in existence in the world.

The work reveals the wooden tower's facade, section, bracket details, caisson, inner wall murals and internal sculptures through multiple dimensions. The students used collage to flexibly integrate various artistic styles. The creation mainly utilizes traditional material such as charcoal strips and colored chalks, and also incorporates modern techniques such as laser engraving, printmaking, and screen printing. It aims to bring a unique path for sketching to students without any academic foundation in art, and to broaden their professional skills and views.

Editor on Duty: Yan Cheng

Responsible Editor: Jiang Qianqian, Li Xinyu