The University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI, JI hereafter) students showcased excellent performance in the 2023 University Physics Competition, securing four gold medals, 15 silver medals, and 14 bronze medals as key members of the SJTU teams participating in the global competition, according to the official results released by the organizer recently.

The University Physics Competition is an international competition for undergraduate students. Participating teams from universities around the world cooperate in groups of up to three people to analyze real-world physical scenarios using physical principles and submit a formal paper based on the competition questions within 48 hours. This year, competitors were required to solve one of the two problems, involving a parachutist’s descent in varying conditions and the dynamics of children jumping on a trampoline. Among the participating SJTU teams, 37 opted for Problem A, focusing on parachuting, while 15 chose Problem B, centered on trampoline physics.

Project diagram of  gold medal team A131

Project diagram of the gold medal team A244

Project diagrams of gold medal team A8

While reflecting on the competition, Juntao Wu, a member of Team A131 who secured the gold medal, said, “This has been an incredibly valuable and unforgettable experience. The competition not only enriched our knowledge of physics but also enhanced our abilities in teamwork and the determination for continuous iteration and improvement. Throughout the competition, we learned how to communicate effectively with team members, harnessing the power of collaboration to progress towards a common goal. Together, we overcame challenges, and even in the final 6 hours before submission, we persisted in continuously adjusting and optimizing areas that could be improved.”

Project diagrams of gold medal team B138

Yanze Yu, an undergraduate student who played a key role in documentation for the gold medal team B138, commented, “The intensity of the UPC competition is considerable, but it brings a strong sense of fulfillment in teamwork. By complementing and assisting each other, team members can collectively address the technical challenges, ultimately securing the gold medal and experiencing a great sense of achievement.” His view was echoed by another team member Xinzhe Ju who used the phrase “a journey of teamwork, continuous exploration, and personal growth” to summarize the experience.

A total of 466 teams attended this year’s competition. SJTU teams mainly composed of JI students started to participate the annual event from 2012. JI students have maintained strong performance over the past years, winning a total of 7 gold medals, 33 silver medals and 42 bronze medals for the university.

Source: SJTU JI

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