Recently, the “Generation Z’s Voice: Enjoy China” New Years Gathering, organized by the Information Office of the Shanghai Municipality, was held. Representatives from nine leading Shanghai universities, including Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Fudan University, Tongji University, and East China Normal University, along with nearly 200 international student representatives, attended the event. The gathering featured an awards ceremony for the “Generation Z’s Voice: Enjoy China” short video competition. Aleksandra Antonenko, an international student from SJTU, won first prize for her video “Love Shanghai, Love Coffee” and spoke as a student representative. Furthermore, SJTU was honored with the Best Organizer Award.

“Love Shanghai, Love Coffee” Short Video Cover

Aleksandra Antonenko Speaks as a Student Representative

Aleksandra Antonenko, originally from Russia, fell deeply in love with Shanghai during her studies there. Her video showcases the varied “coffee cultureof Shanghai, explored through visits to the city’s many coffee shops. “For someone who loves coffee as much as I do, Shanghai is the perfect destination,” said Aleksandra. She also highlighted the variety of coffee shops on the SJTU campus, where the rich aroma of coffee accompanied her through her wonderful time studying abroad. Aleksandra expressed that creating the short video was an exhilarating experience, not just for showcasing her journey through Shanghai, but also for the opportunity to interact and learn with students from various countries, enhancing her comprehensive understanding of China and Shanghai.

Generation Z New Year Gathering

The event featured an array of vibrant and diverse cultural performances by international students, including the passionate Laotian dances, the energetic Pakistani dances, lively Moroccan music and singing, and captivating English songs. These performances showcased not only the talents of Generation Z but also the charm of vibrant various cultures. Together, the attendees sang “Tomorrow Will Be Bette” as a celebration of the upcoming new year. Additionally, the event included various activities such as creating rubbings, writing the Chinese character “Fu” for “good fortune”, and experiencing Chinese shadow puppetry, providing international students with an immersive experience in traditional Chinese folk customs.

SJTU Won the Excellence Organization Award.

The “Generation Z’s Voice: Enjoy China” initiative, sponsored by the Information Office of Shanghai Municipality, has organized a series of themed short video contests, including “Celebrating Chinese New Year in Shanghai”, “Stories of Shanghai”, and “Captivating Beauty of Shanghai”. SJTU has actively encouraged participation from both domestic and international students, taking first prize home for two consecutive years. The award-winning short video from SJTU belongs to the “Stories of Shanghai” series, which attracted over 150 submissions from individuals and groups across more than 20 countries and regions. This project gained substantial support from over 15 leading universities nationwide and more than 30 organizations.


Source: News Center, SJTU

Author: Jiang Qianqian, Zhang Yingying

Translated by Lin Yuying

Proofread by Zhao Xiaojing

Editor on Duty: Chen Diwei

Responsible Editor: Jiang Qianqian, Li Xinyu