From November 3 to 5, 2023, the 2023 Sasakawa Cup National College Japanese Knowledge Contest, co-sponsored by the Japan Science Association and Renmin University of China, took place in Renmin University of China. As one of the most important national Japanese contest, this event has attracted nearly 300 players from 97 universities across the country.

Wang Luer (an undergraduate of Grade 2020), Wang Lexuan (an undergraduate of Grade 2021), and Qian Yue (an undergraduate of Grade 2022) won the third team award on behalf of Shanghai Jiao Tong University under the guidance of Mr. Lin Zibo.

The students had been preparing for the competition carefully for more than a month under the guidance of Mr. Lin Zibo. They sorted out and classified the real questions over the years, and spent their spare time analyzing the relevant information covering literature, culture, history, geography, current social events and other fields. On this basis, more targeted preparations were made according to their respective fields of expertise.

The team contest was divided into preliminary, semi-final and final, and there were three types of questions: required individual questions, required team questions and quick response questions. In the required questions part, the team gained a competitive advantage with their solid knowledge reserve and sufficient preparation. In the quick-response questions part, the students adopted the strategy of "steady progress" and won the first place in the preliminary team contest and entered the team semifinal with the total score of 310 points, ranking the 2nd in the team preliminary and making its way to 24 from 97 participating universities. Finally, they won the third award. Wang Luer won the Excellence Award in the individual contest, and Lin Zibo won the Outstanding Instructor Award.

SFL team displayed its strength and style in the contest, and demonstrated the excellent professional quality and spiritual outlook of the Japanese majors of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and won the recognition and praise from the organizer and the other universities. 

Source: SJTU SFL

Editor on Duty: Yan Cheng

Responsible Editor: Jiang Qianqian