Editor’s note: Armed with just one person, one mobile phone, and one lens, Shahir Sharifi, originally from Afghanistan, employs this method to narrate compelling stories about China—a thriving country revealing its unique characteristics through vibrant development before his eyes. Shahir Sharifi is currently a doctoral student at the School of Media & Communication of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). Leveraging his proficiency in the Chinese language and expertise in new media, he endeavors to spread Chinese culture in his home country and other Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries through short videos. Additionally, he is actively involved in the international promotion of the Chinese language. Participating enthusiastically in a variety of cultural exchange activities, Shahir Sharifi immerses himself in the accomplishments of rural revitalization in China, and witnessing the rapid development and massive changes in Chinese society. Using new media as his platform, he captures and shares the “Chinese Stories” based on his own experiences.


Editor on Duty: Diwei Chen 

Responsible Editor: Qianqian Jiang