On September 8, Shanghai Jiao Tong University welcomed more than 600 new international students from 93 different countries. In anticipation of the enrollment of the first large influx of international students in nearly three years, the university made careful preparations and set up three one-stop registration and orientation service booths according to the distribution of the new students’ accommodations, each staffed with dedicated personnel and volunteers. They assisted the students in completing a series of enrollment procedures and related matters, such as certificate verification, insurance purchase, accommodation reservations, and visa processing, so as to guarantee the smooth transition in the university. At the same time, the school also provides freshmen with welcome packages, and offered thoughtful services such as campus navigation and the opportunity to capture their first moments at the university through photography.

In the future, the university will also arrange a series of welcome activities for international students coming to China. These activities will include campus tours, orientation sessions, and welcome parties, all designed to help incoming international students become familiar with and finally integrate into Shanghai Jiao Tong University, so as to enhance their understanding of the university’s status quo and culture, and to foster a stronger sense of identity and belonging.

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