By 2035, advanced automatic driving technology will affect our daily life and travel experience. In the future, most people will have different and new modes of transportation.

The Shanghai Jiao Tong School of Design, in cooperation with the SAIC Design Center has launched the project “Transportation Design for New Scenarios in 2035”. During the project, students from the International Industrial Design Engineering (IIDE) of School of Design were divided into five groups and created innovative examples of transportation design.

Group Design Work



Team Members: ZHANG Wanying, XU Zhiqi, CAO Bochen, Gulisimire



Team Members: WEI Lai, CHEN Shuting, XIAO Chengjun, YANG Rongrui, ZHANG Jiayun



Team Members: QIU Yitong, DENG Zeling, WANG Junhong, LI Xinyue, WANG Jinming



Team Members: MA Yaoyong, DU Jia, XU Can Yang, XIONG Jie, ZHENG Yiying



Team Members: CHEN Yuhan, ZHANG sunxiya, FANG Yuwen, HOU Xiangning, ZHANG Wenhui

This joint Project lasted 4 months. It aimed to respond to changes in urban life in 2035. The students in this project showed strong design innovation abilities and created excellent work. Faculty from the School of Design, Professor HAN Ting and Associate Professor LIU Gang; experts from the SAIC design team including ten professional designers, including Director HUANG Qinghui, Chief Designer ZENG Qunwen, and Designer GUO Tianjiao offered guidance and suggestions for the students.

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