2022 Chengdu Park City International Garden Season and the 5th BFU International Garden-Making Week is provisionally rearranged on July 19. In order to echo the slogan of the 2022 Chengdu Universiade, “In Chengdu, make every dream come true”, the theme of the Garden Season is “Park City. The Garden of Future”. The competition encourages designers to design and build a “dream garden” that displays the charm of plants and nature within a 4m×4m plot, using fixed number of bamboo and flowers as the main materials, expressing the designer's understanding of the theme. Student work “The Time Machine” from the School of Design, Shanghai Jiao Tong University was successfully shortlisted out of 244 entries and won the honor award.

The concept of the work is to create a time machine to break through the shackles of reality, and to find the dream garden in the heart. It consists of an external 3D space frame and an internal space-time tunnel to form a 4D space-time shuttle, echoing Einstein’s space theory: time travel can be realized through the change of the time axis. The external 3D space frame is composed of x, y, and z axes represented by straight bamboo keels, and is regularly cross woven with bamboo strips. Inside, the curved keel represents the twisted time axis and the time-space tunnel formed by the collapsed 3D space, pieces and strips of bamboo are used to weave the surface of the tunnel messily, creating a sense of disorder in the time travel. It is believed that the time machine will lead us to cross hard times and find our dreams.