Huawei China Student ICT 2021 recently announced the winner list of the Innovation Track Contest. The two teams supervised by Chu Pengzhi from SJTU Student Innovation Center won the National Grand Prize and the Second Prize respectively. This is the third consecutive year that SJTU won the Grand Prize of this event since 2019.

The China Student ICT Competition is an ICT talent program that Huawei set up for university students around the world. The competition attracted 249 teams from 82 universities across the country with 50 ones shortlisted for the final after rounds of competitions.

Awarded Project: Huawei Cloud-Based Virtual Image Generation System

Team members: Yang Chen, Zeng Jia, Sun Siyu

Award: National Grand Prize of the Innovation Track

Instructor: Chu Pengzhi

This project aims to build an artificial intelligence-based face model generation system, which combines Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) and Neural Radiation Field (NeRF) algorithms with Huawei ModelArts’ powerful development and training capabilities and end-cloud deployment capabilities to generate personalized face models quickly and easily. The models can be loaded into Unity, Unreal and other game engines and driven by the self-developed face capture system.


Awarded Project: MindSpore and Ascend Chip Based Multitasking Model Fusion Solution

Team members: Zhang Yuanhang, Luo Yulin, Wang Yuwei

Award: National Second Prize of the Innovation Track

Instructor: Chu Pengzhi 

This project proposes a new hardware and software solution for unmanned vehicles with AutoMasterV2. The software implements target detection, dual model development, conversion and deployment for end-to-end patrol with the help of Huawei ModelArts training and deployment platform, Hilens model deployment platform and Huawei MindSpore deep learning framework. In addition, a dual-model inference cloud simulation system was implemented on Hilens Studio.

Translated by Chen Chen

Proofread by Xiao Yangning