In order to enhance the sense of belonging and identity to the college and strengthen the sense of professional responsibility and duty, the School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering held a lecture on teacher ethics of Academician You Yang named " Setting Sail, Inheriting Excellence-Listening to the Story and Identifying the Culture of SJTU" on the afternoon of November 15th. The international students from the School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering attended the lecture online.

The lecture introduced to the important life experiences of Academician You Yang, who studied as a young student, then returned to China after graduation, served his country in industry, devoted himself to education. He worked, researched and innovated but never pursued fame and wealth. A comprehensive understanding of the first academician in Chinese ship industry was shown to the international students from many aspects such as politics, work and life.

Academician You Yang has been chasing a dream for the whole life. The dream is an old scientist's dream of shipbuilding, which is also a dream that makes China's shipbuilding industry become world-leading and helps China grow into a strong nation on maritime. He loved ships, learned ships, built ships, taught ships and wrote about ships, just to pursue this dream and fulfill it. His life is like a ship sailing on the sea, the energy accumulated in his life has been burning, voyaging for miles, continuing to travel.

After the lecture, the international students were deeply impressed by the noble spirit and rich life experience of Academician You Yang. After knowing that Academician You Yang has been working in the education industry for decades and has trained a large number of leading talents in the marine industry, such as Xuhua Huang and Yingfu Zhu. They all held the ambition of learning from Academician You Yang, and hoped to work hard on their professional fields in order to make contributions.

Translated by Zhang Yimin & Liang Qingxue