The first SJTUer "Global Competence" English Public Speaking Competition, which was jointly organized by the School of Foreign Languages, International Affairs Division, Academic Affairs Office and Graduate School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was held in the East Central Hall of Minhang Campus on the afternoon of December 8, 2021. Wu Jingyi, Vice Provost of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Luo Peng, Director of International Affairs Division, Wang Yaguang, Dean of Graduate School, Xu Zhenli, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Office, Guo Liang and Chen Ke, Deputy Director of International Affairs Office, Ding Jian, Secretary of CPC SFL Committee, Chang Hui, Executive Associate Dean of SFL, Tao Qing, Associate Dean of SFL and Zhu Yifan, Vice Secretary of CPC SFL Committee were invited to attend the competition.

The contest was organized by the Public English Teaching Center of the School of Foreign Languages. Li Hongde, director of the center, introduced the preliminary round and its rules. The competition attracted more than 200 SJTU students from 16 schools to sign up. After the preliminary selection, 24 undergraduates, 23 master students and 23 doctoral students entered the final.

The final was divided into undergraduate, master's and doctoral student groups. Combining with their own specialty, 70 finalists presented three-minute speeches on 17 United Nations sustainable development goals such as "No Poverty", "Zero Hunger", "Good Health and Well-being", "Quality Education", "Quality Education" and "Quality Education". After presenting their innovative ideas, they answered questions from the judges within two minutes. The contestants gave eloquent speeches, and the judges inspired them with arguments. With the exciting topics and efficient interaction, one climax rose after another at the competition, fully demonstrating SJTU students' international vision, realistic mindset, innovative spirit and leadership potential.

Undergraduate students' 3-minute speech

3-minute speech of graduate students

Questions from the judges of the undergraduate group

Questions from the judges in the master group

Questions from the judges of the doctoral student group

At the closing ceremony, Professor Chang Hui, Chairman of the Jury of the competition, commented on the final. Chang Hui said as a response to the national call, the first SJTUer "Global Competence" English Public Speaking competition aims to implement the university's  fundamental task of fostering virtue through education, that is, by enhancing students' ability to "tell the story of Shanghai Jiao Tong University well and tell the story of China well", expanding their global vision, stimulating their thinking about the challenges faced by human beings, and seeking solutions with their specialty. During the competition, the contestants demonstrated their excellent oral English competence, academic communication ability and problem-solving skills, fully embodying the spirit of "learning to apply and learning to govern the world".

After fierce competition, Li Yufei, Chen Jianjie, Niu Huiwen, Chi Lutong, Yan Wenjing and Chen Yige won the third prize in the undergraduate group of the competition.

Tao Qing and Xu Zhenli presented the awards to the third prize winners of undergraduate group.

Sun Ziqiang, Wu Luoxiang, Huang Weifang, Lu Yining, Zhang Ziwei, Fang Ziyu, Dong Shilong, Gao Jiuya, Hu Hu Huilin, Wang Zekun, Zhu Yuping, Wu Qiaoyu won the third prize in the master's and doctoral student groups of the speech contest.

Guo Liang and Zhu Yifan presented the awards to the third prize winners of master and doctoral group.

Zhang Yang, Huang Chiao, Cao Chenyu and He Aidi won the second prize in the undergraduate group of the speech contest.

Luo Peng presented the award to the second prize winners in the undergraduate group.

Ding Jiahui, Sun Chenyun, Liu Wangwei, Bai Qingfu, Chen Yifan, Fan Yuanyuan, Tao Yu and Xu Hui won the second prize in the master's and doctoral student groups of the speech contest.

Wang Yaguang and Ding Jian presented the awards to the second prize winners of master and doctoral students.

Aiwei Zaili-Xiaogaiti, Pu Jizhou, Huo Xiangyan, Yang Yang, Wang Guoxu and Zhou Libo won the first prize of this speech contest.

Wu Jingyi presented the award to the first prize winners.

First prize winner Ai Wei Zaili-Xiaogaiti delivered a speech as the representative. As a student from Xinjiang, he was concerned about the education in remote areas. Calling on more teachers and students to pay attention to education equity, he said that it was a meaningful experience to share his views on the stage of the Global Competence Competition.

Wu Jingyi delivered a concluding speech for the competition. On behalf of Shanghai Jiao Tong Univeristy, she congratulated the students on their achievements and expressed her gratitude to the teachers and students who worked hard for its preparation. She pointed out that internationalization was an inherent characteristic of SJTU. Since its establishment, its faculty and curriculum had been in line with international standards. In recent years, SJTU has made remarkable achievements in internationalization. In this context, the first SJTUer "Global Competence" English Public Speaking Competition helped strengthen students' understanding of other people and the world by deconstructing regional, global and cross-cultural issues, interacting and blending with different cultures. While helping improve their English public speaking skills, the competition also helped them take a broad view of global development and focusing on humanity's future. It was hoped and believed by the university that in the future they will become people with a sense of mission and responsibility, tapping into their talents to strive for the happiness of the people, the rejuvenation of the nation and the commonwealth of the world! She fully affirmed the competition and suggested that the competition should be held continuously and further expand its scope and influence.

2021 SJTUer Global Competence English Public Speaking Competition came to a successful conclusion.


Source: SJTU School of Foreign Languages