Recently, National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences officially posted the list of major projects that were approved and granted by National Social Science Fund of China. Twelve projects Shanghai Jiao Tong University made it into the list, hitting a record high and ranked the second among national universities.

"Major projects" is the most authoritative category of the highest level and with the largest funding amount offered by the National Social Science Fund of China. It is also one of the significant indicators for the discipline evaluation and all kinds of school-running evaluation by the Ministry of Education. In recent years, Shanghai Jiao Tong University attaches great importance to the development of humanities and social sciences. In response to China's major strategic needs and the needs for economic and social development, SJTU has been dedicated to improving the top-level design and effectively organizing research work. The university has deployed a batch of high-level research teams in several fields and produced a series of representative outcomes, greatly accelerating the development of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics.


Source: Division for Development Liberal Arts (Think Tank Center), SJTU

Translated by Zhao Xiaojing

Proofread by Xiao Yangning