On March 19, Han Zheng, Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, met Peter Salovey, President of Yale University and other representatives.

Han Zheng Meets President of Yale University

Han extended his congratulations on Mr. Salovery's receiving an Honorary Doctorate from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

He expressed his expectation that there would be more cooperation with Yale University during the internal development of higher education in Shanghai. He was glad to see the establishment of SJTU-Yale Joint Center and he hoped that more cooperation in different fields would be developed between Yale University and Shanghai Jiaotong University.  

Peter Salovery said that Yale University took pride in the extensive cooperation in China, SJTU-Yale Joint Center, standing for the cooperation between the two prestigious universities, would strive for the research on Biostatistics so as to make contribution to human health and well-being. Yale University would actively expand new cooperation model between Yale and universities in Shanghai and promote interdisciplinary cooperation.

Jiang Sixian, Deputy Director of Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People's Congress as well as SJTU Chairperson, attended the meeting.




Translated by Hu Liming       Reviewed by Wang Bingyu