December 15,2021
1st & 2nd & 3rd floor, JI


Design Expo Winter 2020The UM-SJTU Joint Institute Design Expo showcases undergraduate projects of JI’s design-based courses, especially the Ve/Vm450 capstone design course. It shows the actual learning outcomes of the students, and provides an opportunity to practice their ability to organize and explain the projects on the spot. The Design Expo, which began in 2010, has become a comprehensive platform to demonstrate the practice and effectiveness of education reform at UM-SJTU Joint Institute.

Ve450. Major Design Experience & Vm450. Design and Manufacturing III

Gives each student a deep understanding of how to approach open-ended challenges by process, and to learn how to innovate and apply the seemingly fragmented engineering knowledge acquired at JI to the design and manufacturing of real mechanical, mechatronic or electrical/computer systems.

Vg100. Introduction to Engineering

Introduces students to the professional technical and communication skills required of engineers and provides them with an overview of engineering at the beginning of their program. An important component of the course is the real-world engineering projects.


13:00 – 16:30, Dec.15th, 2021
Time Schedule Location Contents Participants
13:00 – 15:50 Design Expo 1st & 2nd & 3rd floor, JI * VE/VM450 & VG100 & ECE4730J team projects
   presented to visitors
* All welcomed
15:55 -16:30 Award Ceremony JI Lobby, 1st floor * Recognition award to excellent teams
   of VE/VM450 and VG100
* All welcomed
16:30 Group Photo 2nd floor    

Team Members


VE450/VM450—Major Design Experience(MDE)/Design and ManufactureⅢ

Instructor: Jigang Wu, Chengbin Ma, Chong Han, Yulian He

Course TA:Hongfeng Xu, Hanchen Cui

VM495—Laboratory II

Instructor: David Hung, Kwee-Yan Teh

Course TA: Mengyuan Shen VG100—Introduction to Engineering

Instructor: Mian Li, Irene Wei, Yulian He, Nathaniel Murray

Course TA: Sheng Qiao, Jin Zhu

Design Expo Lead:  Chengbin Ma

Design Expo Coordinator:  Leilei Xu, Yaoxia Shao (student assistant)


Coordinator: Leilei Xu, Yaoxia Shao

Venue & Logistics: Leilei Xu,Yaoxia Shao

Volunteer Training & Miscellaneous: Qi Zhou

Award Ceremony Coordinator: Leilei Xu, Yaoxia Shao

Award Ceremony Host: Jiajun Sun, Wanxuan Ming

Award Ceremony performers: Yinghui He, Yufan Wu

Expo Award Certificate:  Leilei Xu, Yaoxia Shao


Coordinator: Jianrong Xiao, Qi Zhou


Coordinator: Qing Xu, Die Ruan

Live Stream Hosts:  Yanfeng Shen, Jingxin Wei

IT Support:   Bin Zhu


Coordinator: Lan Li, Die Ruan, Weirong Zhou

Student Assistant:  Hongfeng Xu

Design Expo Designer:   Lan Li

Media & Press Release:   Die Ruan

Award Ceremony Host Training:  Weirong Zhou