December 22,2023
504 Chen Ruiqiu Building


Stepping Closer into Educational Leadership in the Context of Teaching and Learning Transformation


Jinyan Bai, Center for Teaching and Learning Development, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Are you standing at the crossroads of the course teaching and learning in which you try to align your students be aware of learning goals you promote, actively engage students and as well enhance their sense of learning acquisition? This talk will discuss the educational leadership and main characteristics, critically analyze the power relationship and sources of power and further differentiate three primary types of leadership. Such insights will work as catalysts to provoke the possibilities of teachers and students transforming their teaching and learning.


Jinyan Bai is a consultant at the Center for Teaching and Learning Development, SJTU. Her roles explore the strategies of teaching and learning transformation at course level and her scholarship is driven by her interest in educational leadership and organizational behavior in relation to teaching and learning transformation. She earned a PhD in Educational Leadership from the Pennsylvania State University.

Date and Time:

December 22 (Friday), 2023, 11:50-13:20


504 Chen Ruiqiu Building


Center for Teaching and Learning Development (CTLD), SJTU

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