November 14,2023 - December 31,2023

The Global Call for Best Practices and Inspiring Stories for "Education in China and the World" is an outreach initiative launched by a collaborative effort in the field of education by School of Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. This initiative is designed to enrich our collective knowledge by inviting contributions that showcase best practices and inspiring stories related to education in China and global education, which we aim to foster inclusiveness, collaboration, and excellence in education.


The mission of this Global Call is to bridge the information gap and create a comprehensive resource that fosters a deeper understanding of education in China and its implications for the global education landscape. We seek to:

Advance Understanding

Provide valuable insights into the complexities, achievements, and opportunities within China's education system, enabling researchers and educators around the world to gain a better understanding of this dynamic landscape.

Inspire Innovation

Share stories of educators and educational practices that have made a significant impact, sparking innovation and promoting excellence in education.

Promote Global Exchange

Foster a platform for the exchange of best practices and ideas among educational communities worldwide, transcending boundaries.

How to participate

This Global Call invites contributions from a wide spectrum of individuals and organizations. Whether you are an educator, researcher, policymaker, or simply someone passionate about education in China, your voice matters. We welcome your insights, research findings, case studies, and inspirational stories.

Submission Details:

This initiative is a year-round submission, and we welcome you to submit anything you inspire related to education. Submitted contributions that meet the minimum criteria will undergo a rigorous review process. Those deemed suitable will become part of the comprehensive resource in Education in China and the World. While not every submission may be featured, all contributions play a crucial role in advancing our collective understanding of education in China and the World.

Samples of Best Practices and Inspiring Stories of Education in China and the World 2023

Get Involved

We invite you to join us in this endeavor to celebrate and learn from the experiences, innovations, and practices that have shaped education in China and beyond. Your participation is instrumental in building a brighter future for education on a global scale. 

For submission and inquiries, please contact 

Writing Team of Education in China and the World

School of Education

Shanghai Jiao Tong University