September 17,2023 - September 19,2023

1.    Introduction 

The Round-table Dialogue on Teaching and Learning Program has been introduced along with featured events, inspiring topics or phenomena of the times in higher education, aiming at discussing transformational concepts, exchanging innovative practices and creating new ideas. Heated argument and sparkling wisdom collision have caused a ring of ripples to spread out during the dialogue. Through open conversations across educators, the program reflects the transformational direction of teaching and learning at higher education as well as the evolution of social environment.

2.    Theme of the session

The theme of the session is "Educational Innovation and Evaluation for the 21st Century " and the dialogue with 8-12 audiences will be primarily featured around the following perspectives:

1)      Materialize strategies to help course instructors inspire student curiosity and cultivate critical thinking and active learning and to evaluate the effectiveness

2)      Standards of excellence used around the globe to measure high-quality teaching

3)      Substantially filter leadership cultivation into undergraduate student experience

4)      Navigate identity and foster cross-cultural competence for creative thinking

3.    Invited Speaker

Professor Bairbre Redmond is Full Emeritus Professor for International Higher Education at University College Dublin, where she was Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Deputy Registrar [DVC] for Teaching and Learning from 2008 – 2016. She was Provost of Universitas 21 [U21] 2016 – 2021, with overall academic responsibility in a network of 28 world-class, research-intensive universities across the globe (including SJTU). She now works as a consultant in international higher education. She has a long-standing research interest in creating teaching approaches that produce reflection and critical thought in students.

4.    Moderator

Professor Zhaoguo Zhang, Vice President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

5.    Eligibility for Application

1)    Senior experience in teaching innovation and evaluation

2)    Minimum 2 years of teaching experience

3)    Fluent English speaking required for in-depth conversations

6.    Time and venue

Time: 10: 00 AM-11: 30 AM, September 19with luncheon

Venue: Room 505, Chen Ruiqiu Building, Minhang Campus, SJTU

Please register by 17:00 on September 17th, and click on the left bottom to read the original registration. Audience seats are only reserved for registered persons.