June 12,2023
Tencent Meeting


Collaborative Online International Learning: Tips, Challenges, and Assessment


Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is an innovative approach to internationalizing higher education by connecting students and faculty from different countries in a shared learning experience. COIL has gained popularity due to its potential to increase cross-cultural understanding, enhance intercultural communication skills, and prepare students for the global workforce. However, implementing COIL can be challenging, especially in terms of technology, pedagogy, and assessment. This online workshop conducted by HKU CETL Dr Tris Kee provides tips for designing and delivering effective COIL courses, such as setting clear expectations, fostering intercultural communication, and providing technical support. Additionally, the workshop discusses common challenges faced by COIL instructors and students, including cultural differences, time zone differences, and language barriers. There will be content to cover various assessment strategies for evaluating the learning outcomes of COIL courses, such as rubrics, peer evaluations, and reflective writing assignments.


Dr. Tris Kee is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre of the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, University of Hong Kong, and an Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Architecture & Design, Swinburne University of Technology. She is a Fellow of the Advance Higher Education Fellowship (HEA), a Registered Architect and Authorized Person in Hong Kong. 

Tris runs workshops on COIL, Active Learning, Experiential Learning and Formative Peer Review and have guest lectured in Rome, Amsterdam, London, Hangzhou and Vancouver. She has published in a number of high impact factor peer-reviewed journals, including Sustainable Development (IF 6.159) and published a number of books entitled Sustainable Revitalization, We Own The City, and Building Materials and Technology in Hong Kong.


June 12, 2023, 12:00-13:00


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