July 4,2022 - September 9,2022

Reconciling Cities with Nature in the Post Covid EraLandscape Approaches and Strategies




The Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) established its Sustainable Cities and Landscape Hub (SCL) in 2016, which aims to unite universities and industries from the Pacific Rim to promote sustainable development of urban landscape. Under this platform, Shanghai Jiao Tong University launched the Urban Landscape Biodiversity (ULB) Working Group in 2021 to further explore how to achieve more resilient and dynamic urban environmental protection and development, to enhance biodiversity, to promote comprehensive social and ecological values such as public recreation, environmental education and green economy. Since the establishment of the working group, we have held two webinars with leading scholars from the United States, Australia, India and China explaining how to achieve resilient urban landscapes and biodiversity through approaches such as landscape planning, design and ecological conservation. The series of event has attracted more than 30,000 audience online worldwide.

The 5th Annual Sustainable Cities and Landscape Conference will be held from 6 – 9 September at Hawaii. Shanghai Jiao Tong University supported by APRU, will co-host an online Student Symposium titled “Reconciling Cities with Nature in the Post Covid EraLandscape Approaches and Strategies”, which is now open to Postgraduate students (including postdoctoral fellows) from the Pacific Rim for registration. All accepted applicants will present their work and be able to discuss their research with our group members from the academia.



Since winter 2019, the outbreak of Covid has severely affected cities and large populations around the world. In this post-Covid era, how to reshape natural and social structures in cities through landscape renewal, to promote reconciliation between cities and nature, and to build more resilient urban space and natural systems has become a topic of general concern in the current international communities. 

Biodiversity is the foundation of urban ecosystems and an important guarantee for sustainable development. City is a complex ecosystem with environment as the basis and the social structure as the meridian. Human activities and built environment are part of the natural process. During Covid, many environmental problems have been exposed, which have become both challenges and opportunities for urban construction. How to reshape and strengthen the relationship between human and nature, and reconcile nature with society in urban areas? How to adjust the urban environment and social contradictions exposed during the pandemic to form natural-friendly urban spatial patterns and industrial structures? Lively cross-cultural dialogues and discussions will be launched in this symposium.

Focusing on the topic of " Reconciling Cities with Nature in the Post Covid EraLandscape Approaches and Strategies", applicants will prepare their presentations from different perspectives such as theory, planning, design, policy and technology, e.g.:

1. Urban landscape renewal strategies in the post-Covid era based on the understanding of natural and humanistic systems

2. Restoration of the natural and social structures with urban public participation

3. Urban environmental problems and regeneration strategies during Covid


Call for Papers

Applicants who intend to register for our symposium are requested to send the following documents to sdesign@sjtu.edu.cn before 20:00, July 24, 2022 (UTC+8) with the mail title: Name + Institution + APRU Student Symposium

1. One A4 page of title and abstract (see below for the template) 

*This is for blind review, please do not include any other information; 

2. One A4 page of personal introduction: your name, institution, major, supervisor, CV and contact information etc. (see below for the template) 



1.     A full report of compilation of the 5th Annual Sustainable Cities and Landscape Conference;

2.     Chance to be promoted on the relevant social network platforms of APRU and Shanghai Jiao Tong University;

3.     Receive a certificate of attendance.



8:30AM, 9 September, 2022UTC+8





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08:30-09:00    Opening Remarks

09:00-10:00     Parallel sub-forums

10:00-10:15    Q&A 

10:15-10:30     Tea Break

10:30-11:30     Parallel sub-forums 

11:30-11:45      Q&A

11:45-12:00      Conclusion and Closing



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