June 13,2022 - August 1,2022

Call for Submissions to the 2022 International Electronic Music Competition (IEMC)



About IEMC


The International Electronic Music Competition (IEMC), founded in 2019, is currently run by the Shanghai Computer Music Association and Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry. The competition focuses on the international forefront area of the industry, aims to promote the development of digital music technology, and present the latest achievements in the field, while showing the diverse musical styles and creativity. Through continuous support for young musicians and technology talents, the competition encourages the integration and innovation of art and technology and leads the future direction of electronic music and music technology.


The Jury of the IEMC competition is composed of many leading experts and well-known industry elites both international and domestic. The setup of the “grand prize” for each category of the competition is to encourage innovation, cultivate new musicians and new works, and build up high-quality industrial criteria. Due to the rigorous and serious attitude in organization and work review, strictly holding the principle of fairness and justice, IEMC has formed a higher authority and greater influence on a global scale, attracting young musicians from all over the world. The competition system of IEMC has also been linked to many domestic competitions, industry exhibitions, and public media platforms; a series of technical exchange activities and art exhibitions will be held during the competition; winning works will have opportunities to be included in the IEMC digital album series.





China Musical Instrument Association

Shanghai Computer Music Association

Intex Shanghai



Shanghai Computer Music Association

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Institute of Cultural and Creative IndustryICCI



MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA)






Jury Committee:

CHEN Qiangbin

JIN Fuzai

DU Yun

XUE Xiaoheng

JIN Ping





Competition Groups


Professional Groups:

                 Group A: Songwriting and Arranging


                  Original songwriting works (unlimited genre) arranged and recorded within MIDI and audio techs. The duration of each piece should be from 2 to 6 mins.


                  Competitors must provide:

1.       Project File(s) (Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton, etc.)

2.       Audio file of the piece (WAV, 44.1kHz, 16bit)

3.       Texts of the song (PDF)

4.       Program notes (PDF)





                   Group B: Electroacoustic / Electronic Music


Original Electroacoustic/Electronic Music including but not limited to fixed media electroacoustic works, compositions for real-time interactive performance, Laptop Orchestra/Live Coding, experimental electronic music, EDM, etc. The duration of each piece should be from 3 to 8 mins.


Competitors must provide:

1.       Project File(s) (Max, Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton, etc.)

2.       Audio file of the piece (WAV or AIFF, 44.1kHz, 16bit)

3.       Program notes (PDF)




                  Group C: Music Tech and Media Arts


                  Original works created with new music technologies including but not limited to Multimedia Installations, Audiovisual Works, New Instruments for Musical Expression, Music AI, Robotics and Music, WebAudio, etc.


                  Competitors must provide:

1.      MP4 file of the piece. (H.264 or H.265, 1080p or less, 60fps or less, w/AAC sound format, stereo, 48kHz or less, 320kbps or less)

2.      Production notes (PDF) (Including the introductions, innovations, techniques, etc.)

3.      Other supporting materials (including but not limited to: code, design diagrams, patches, PC/Mobile APPs)



                   Group D: Video Scoring


Original music works for video scoring (films, video games, animation, short videos, etc.). competitors must use authorized videos, or select a video from the library provided by the organizing committee: https://iemcchina.com/#/videodemo/index;

Only the audio portion will be considered for judging purposes.


                  Competitors must provide:

1.      MP4 file of the piece. (H.264 or H.265, 1080p or less, 60fps or less, w/AAC sound format, stereo, 48kHz or less, 320kbps or less)

2.      Production notes (PDF) (Including the introductions, innovations, techniques, etc.)





                 Youth Group:


Competitors who were born after Nov 1, 2004, will be eligible to submit to the youth group. The requirements are submission requirements are identical to those above.  










Procedures for the Competition:


Preliminary round: The jury will advance a certain percentage of pieces selected from all submissions to the final round by ranking.

Final round: The jury will select the top pieces in the final round and give them certain awards.

Award Announcement: Award winners will receive notification of award information by email before the ceremony.




Prizes and Awards:


For the 2022 IEMC competition, cash or prize of equal value increase to RMB 40,000.


Professional Group:


IEMC Award x1                                                                   5,700 US$ or equal

1st  Prize of Each Group (1 each)                                     1,400 US$ or equal

2nd Prize of Each Group (3 each)                                     720 US$ or equal

3rd Prize of Each Group (6 each)                                     300 US$ or equal

Excellence Awards for Each Group (12 each)               150 US$  or equal


        Youth Group


        For the youth group, the competition will provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes, each prize will be provided certification and prizes.




Important Dates:


Call for applications:                                           NOW - Aug 1, 2022


                    Preliminary round:                                                     Aug 1 – 30, 2022

                    Final round:                                                                  Sept 1 – 20, 2022

                    Award announcement:                                               Sept 30, 2022

                    Award ceremony:                                                     Mid October 2022


Submission Guidelines and Fees:



1.      Submission Guidelines:


                           All submissions are to be made online on the official site of IEMC:



Audio Files: music submissions should include a representative audio recording of the work. If a concert work, it must be the complete composition. Installations and other music-tech-related works may be represented by an excerpted recording not to exceed 10 minutes in length. Judging of music submissions for the IEMC will be from audio files in the WAV format. Multichannel works will be judged from a stereo mix, also WAV. Please assist us by submitting in WAV 44.1kHz/16bit format.


Text materials: for submissions involving text materials, please submit PDFs for review.


Video Submissions: note that for works involving video, only the audio portion will be considered for judging purposes. You must be the composer of the music for the video. Please submit an MP4 of the piece as specified above.


Project files: please provide a downloadable link to the project files that are required.


The deadline for the 2022 IEMC submission is Aug 1, 2022, at 11:59 PM PST.


                          For more information on the requirements and the submission process, please    contact us at: iemc_org@126.com




2.      Fees


Entry fee: 100 RMB (15 USD) for each submission, non-refundable.


Preliminary round fee: 180 RMB (25 USD) for pieces that got into the preliminary round only, non-refundable.






Copyright Statements:


The IEMC committee holds the priority copyrights of all award-winning pieces for performance, records publishing, and IEMC promotions. The authors hold the authorship right and the right to arrange performances after the competition.