April 24,2022 - June 10,2022
Shanghai, China

The open call for 2022 ICCI ART VALLEY PROGRAM will mainly focus on international artistic practice and creation based on new media. Against the background of the rapid development of the metaverse, virtual interactive technology and digital media, contemporary art can develop its tentacles to a broader dimension relying on the new technological background. Taking advantage of this opportunity allows us to observe the greater possibilities behind this contemporary landscape, the artistic practices that take place in physical spaces: "A new spatial landscape constructed by cold concrete and virtual gardens"; the creation and new thinking of virtual environments based on "human scale"; and most importantly, when we are immersed in the digital world and take it for granted, how should we "casually" accept the arrival of new technology, obtain and examine the digital world it is shaping?

With an open perspective and the characteristics of digital media as the starting point, this residency program encourages artists to combine personal experience and visual culture and focus on the diverse concepts of new media art practice so that new languages and narratives can be used in the residency program. It can fully interact and is reflected in the artist's multi-media practice, and trigger a series of imaginations and discussions on viewing and interactive experience, media ethics and media language.

We are calling for 5 international artist scholars who will physically participate in the ICCI ART VALLEY PROGRAM during Nov-Dec in 2022. Qualified artist scholars will be provided the following breathtaking opportunities, such as to have their works to be exhibited at city center gallery, online virtual space and ART VALLEY exhibition at History Museum of SJTU.


a. Engage in China art community and collaboration with local artists.

b. Get acquainted with top Chinese artists, and be introduced to Chinese culture.

c. Organized visits to contemporary galleries and art exhibitions in Shanghai.

d. Presentation of your creative practice at 2022 International Conference on Global Cultural and Creative Industries.

e. Presentation of your profile and artworks in ICCI's customized online virtual Spaces, the ICCI ART VALLEY official website and other official media channels.

f. Permanent exhibition of your donated works at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (leading university in China)

g. Promotion and media coverage of your art practice in China.

h. 1 or 2 student assistants to assist with lectures, exhibition preparation and other related matters.

j. Participate in digital twin program with ICCI’s Professor.

International artists are expected to 

I. Academic scholar background in higher education, i.e. institute/ university/ conservatory of Art.

II. Various genres in visual arts media (especially digital media art, art practices based on NFT concepts and other integrated media art practices) and diversity in the cultural background is highly appreciated. Artists are required to provide their own technical support during creation.

III. Deliver 1-2 public lectures, workshops and other activities according to the contract. Please provide a BRIEF introduction of your ideas for conducting public programs during the residency in your application.

IV. Public speech skill and fluent ENGLISH speaking.

V. Bring at least 5 completed works to Shanghai for the exhibitions.

VI. Donate 2 existing art works to SJTU for the permanent exhibition. Providing a donation list with at least 5 artworks for SJTU Committee to choose 2 artworks.


The whole program package will be at least RMB 10,000 according to the committee’s reviewing, including the following conditions:

a. Return air ticket from the departure city to Shanghai.

b. Single room hotel accommodation nearby SJTU campus.

c. Lecture/ workshop/ material allowance according to your background and experience.

d. Group exhibition in a city center Shanghai gallery and Shanghai Jiao Tong University History Museum.


a. Visiting scholars are advised to arrange their own travel insurance as needed.

b. We encourage international artists who is practicing or working in China.

How to Apply

Artists please reply with your CV (include portrait/ statement/ bio/ education/ art career or art practice experience/ work plan in residency/ Representative Works/ donation works) that illustrate your teaching experience in higher education institute, academic scholar practice and principle, as well as exhibition experience and collection records of your artwork. Please send through high-resolution images of life and your works to: icci-pr@sjtu.edu.cn .


ICCI ART VALLEY PROGRAM awards fully sponsored numbers of local, national, and international artist for designed art activities each year. We offer intercontinental travelling, art studio space, comfortable housing, and activities stipends. ICCI ART VALLEY PROGRAM has become part of a dynamic community of artists participating in Shanghai’s professional art programs, providing artist scholars the opportunities to exchange and collaborative with art education expertise, and build up close relationships within the artist scholar community in Shanghai. The artist scholar who is selected for this program can be at all stages in their careers, and the art work can be in all style and type, including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, film, video, new media, installation, interdisciplinary, and architecture.

The owner of ART VALLEY PROGRAM, The USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry(ICCI), is a joint institute between University of Southern California (USC) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). ICCI ART VALLEY is a consistently rising program focused on 3 significant missions: 1, academic art education and research program with Lecture and speech from art scholars; 2, conversation and collaboration between artist with diversity cultural background around the world; 3, cooperation and exchange with art business in China art marketplace. Since 2015, ICCI ART VALLEY PROGRAM has welcomed 100+ artist scholars and fellows around the world, for the accomplishment with the inspiration of their education practice, as well as the development of their education principle.

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