March 6,2022 - March 16,2022

The year 2022 marks the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the SJTU – Paris Elite Institute of Technology (hereinafter, “SPEIT”). In the past ten years, by taking “excellence” as the core of its mission, SPEIT has become a model of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools and a window for Sino-French cultural exchanges, and has cultivated batches of outstanding international talents thanks to the efforts and dedication of all faculty members and students.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of its establishment, SPEIT is now publicly seeking visual logos and slogans with the requirement of using a logo and a slogan to demonstrate the spirit of excellence.


1. Eligible Participants

The alumni of SPEIT at home and abroad, all faculty members and students, and any others from all walks of life who care about and support the development of SPEIT.


2. Solicitation Period

From now until March 16.


3. Solicitation Requirements

(1) The logo should take the 10th anniversary of SPEIT as its theme, fully reflect the cultural features of SPEIT, and highlight the spirit outlook of SPEIT. It should also be clear in theme, rich in connotation, easy to identify, and full of aesthetics.

(2) The logo for the anniversary will be mainly used for graphic publicity, WeChat push, cultural creativity, publications, campus atmosphere fostering, and supplies and occasions for the tenth anniversary activities of SPEIT.

(3) For the design proposal, the logo must be submitted in electronic form (if in vector format, less than 20M in file size; or if in JPG or PNG format, with a resolution of above 600*600 dpi, and less than 20 M in file size). The Registration Form to Response to the Solicitation of Logos for the Tenth Anniversary Activities of SPEIT must be filled out and submitted together with a description of the design concept or connotation note less than 300 words.


4. Submission method

Scan the QR code to submit works through the questionnaire.



5. Selection and Awards

(1) SPEIT will organize the selection of the submitted proposals and determine the wining works upon deliberation on the basis of extensive opinion-seeking; and then announce the information of the winning works through the official WeChat platform and website of SPEIT.

(2) SPEIT will make further selection from the winning works, modify or improve them as appropriate, and eventually obtain the logo for promotion of the tenth anniversary activities of SPEIT.

(3) SPEIT will offer first prize, second prize and multiple third prizes. The participants of the winning works will receive honorary certificates and awards.


6. Precautions

1. The submitted works must be original and have not been published through any channels. All legal consequences resulting from legal disputes regarding intellectual property and other matters shall be solely borne by the author of the works.

2. The intellectual property right of and the right to use the shortlisted works shall be vested in SPEIT, who shall also have the right to make change to such works.

3. Authors are requested to keep their own manuscripts.

4. The logos for the tenth anniversary activities shall be finally construed by SPEIT.


People from all walks of life are encouraged to submit their works.