January 17,2022
Meeting Room 204, Building 6 of Science Buildings

Academic Papers are the mediators of academic social interaction and the authoritative certification of achievements in scientific research. Generally, scientists have to read a lot of papers every day to understand the most cutting-edge, professional and authoritative scientific trends in the world. The earliest research journal in history was the Royal Society Philosophical Letters, published in the 17th century. At that time, however, the publication of papers was a matter of great controversy: the idea that "new discoveries must be put into words" was inconceivable and absurd! With the rapid development of science, technology and economy, more and more people are engaged in scientific research. The academia has emerged from a small group of European people that communicated through letters and printed papers to a large professional organization facilitated by information and data technology. As a result, the process of evaluating and reading papers has become a large effort! Many well-known commercial companies such as Elsevier were born as a result.

The Salt Forum Project was initiated by a group of undergraduate students from Zhiyuan College majored in computer Science. The main goal was set to use Internet and AI technology to solve problems in reading and writing research papers,  such as difficulty in document retrieval. We are trying to figure out a new paradigm of academic socialization in the 21st century led by China, which will stimulate the enthusiasm of researchers and their Innovative vitality.

To achieve our goals, the project is divided into three stages. The first stage is to use the traditional Internet social recommendation system to allow researchers to interact and discuss while reading papers, with litttle need in retrieval and classification of documents. The second stage is to use natural language processing technology and other computer algorithms to enhance researchers' efficiency in literature reading. The final stage is to help rearchers to understand literatures and write research papers with the aid of AI technology, which in turn, significantly reduces the time cost in writing. 

Last year, we have been working hard on Salt Forum Project,  reconstructing, discussing, redesigning...... Finally, we have implemented the Beta version of “Salt paper discussion platform” system. This platform has functions like paper searching, paper classifying, multi-user online reading, forum discussing, and the innovative "pdf" paper bullet chat as well.

In this meeting, we will share our experience on the project development process and release the system to the public for the first time! 

To register for the meeting, please click the following link http://zhiyuan-zirc.mikecrm.com/OAOdhBt

Students with common interests or dreams are welcome to join our team. We can work together to create a new paradigm of academic socialization. 


       2022.1.17 13:30-14:30


       Meeting Room 204, Building 6 of Science Buildings