January 15,2022


Established in 1952, the discipline of materials science and engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) ranks among the most prestigious disciplines in China. Through 70 years of development, the discipline has made remarkable achievements in talent training, faculty development and scientific research, and grows with dominance in directions including advanced light alloys, metal matrix composites and intelligent thermal manufacturing. It has developed well in directions including energy, biological and information materials. The School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE) has built 14 research institutes and seven national research centers, including three international collaboration research centers. SMSE always aims at building the world first-class discipline with Chinese characteristics, and positively carries out all-round international communication and cooperation. Since its establishment, tens of thousands of teachers and students have gone abroad for exchange programs or further study. At the same time, scholars and foreign students from all over the world have come to visit, work or study in SMSE. In 2021, the discipline of materials science at SJTU ranks the 20th in QS World University Rankings (4th in domestic rankings) and 19th in ESI global rankings, indicating its leadership role in the materials science community.

Event Introduction

This event aims at providing an open communication platform to comprehensively publicize the achievements of discipline development, expand international academic exchanges and cooperation, and enhance the influence of the discipline. Moreover, it introduces various talent recruitment policies and enrollment policies for overseas talents who intend to return home or work in China, apply for postdoctoral positions, or join SJTU as international students. We will provide specific consultation for all parties who are interested. We warmly welcome each overseas talent to join our school as a teacher or student. Let us build a world-class materials discipline together.

Overseas Talents

SMSE has a strong faculty team with 242 teachers and researchers and more than 90% of faculty members have overseas experience, including several excellent foreign faculty members. Backed by the internationalization strategy of SJTU, SMSE provides full-range services and active assistance for overseas talents to apply for various national and Shanghai municipal talent introduction programs and foreign talent programs, and offers internationally competitive remuneration and first-class scientific research platforms, scientific research start-up funds, and fully decorated transitional apartments and housing subsidies for overseas talents. The overseas talents can also enjoy the high-quality medical resources of many affiliated hospitals of SJTU and high-quality education resources of the affiliated schools of SJTU. All these policies are aimed to attract overseas talents to our school and make our best effort to build a faculty team with international influence.

Post-doctoral Scholars

Post-doctoral scholars are an integral part of our faculty team and play critical role in the scientific research at SMSE. In the past five years,SMSE has 260 postdoctoral scholars in total, and 11 foreign postdoctoral scholars have been recruited. Postdoctoral scholars can apply for up to six grants. Foreign postdoctoral scholars can also apply for foreign youth talent projects. With sufficient financial support, competitive benefits and advanced hardware conditions, the group of postdoctoral scholars has fast in recent years. We look forward to working with excellent talents from all over the world.

International Students

In recent years, SMSE has attracted more than 100 foreign students from nearly 30 countries from all over the world. SJTU provides generous scholarships for outstanding international postgraduates, such as Chinese Government Scholarship, Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Scholarship, etc. In addition, the school has specially set up “International Talent Program” scholarship and grants to help expand the enrollment scale of foreign students and attract high-quality oversea students to study in China. Through various dual degree programs, exchange programs and “Zhi-Hong” International Summer School, the school is able to further improve the quality of talent training, expand students’ global vision and competence, and promote the high-quality development of international cooperation and exchange.

Event Arrangement:  

23:00 Beijing Time, January 15, 2022

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