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Jack Tang

Dedication of a Lifetime: the Profession of Being a Teacher When entering the postgraduate department for further study just a few years after the reform and opening-up policy, Ding Wenlong was among the only 4,000 postgraduate students nationwide. After three years of industrious study, he was confronted with three options at graduation: to be a doctor at a hospital, to do research at an institute, or to stay at college to tutor students. He decidedly chose teaching and cherishes the profession as a lifetime career. In his view, the opportunity of being a teacher rendered him a great chance to impart his knowledge and code of ethics as well to students, which will have a greater impact on their future studies and career. A Way out from Force-feed Teaching: A Triad Method As is often the case, a newcomer to a certain environment is prone to be overwhelmed with insecurity and perplexity. This state of mind accords with what university freshmen feel. When entering university, released from the previous force-feed teaching, many undergraduates may have no idea of what exactly they should learn and even doubt the practical use of the knowledge acquired at class. To accustom students to the university study, Prof. Ding has got a way of his own called Triad Method: concentrating on crucial points, solving the difficulties and following the newest trend in the field of medical science.