Zhu Weidong
Zhu Weidong

A Perseverant Dreamer

         I repeatedly told myself to be far-sighted for the future, to be a man who purses a worthy dream. For me, being a first-rate news reporter has always been my guiding dream and fighting motivation. News as an industry is irreplaceable, powerful, and inferential to human society, and I want to be a part of it, a weighty part. On the way of pursing this ambition, I failed and tried, then failed and then tried again. I struggled from junior college to university, and spent three years only to make myself qualified for one of the most outstanding graduate schools that I dreamed of: SJTU.

About Him

Zhu Weidong

  • M.A. in Journalism, School of Media and Design, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Outstanding graduate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • He won SJTU Academic Excellence Scholarship (B-class) three times.
  • He achieved the Second Prize of 2010 Subject Research of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress
  • In 2011, he got the First Prize of Decision-making Consultation Project of Shanghai Municipal Government.

Zhu Weidong, graduated from China Institute of Industrial Relations, took the National Entrance Examination for Postgraduate three times and was eventually admitted by SJTU School of Media and Design in 2010 with the highest score in the discipline of Journalism.

In the two-and-a-half-year time at SJTU, he continued to move forward towards his dream. Apart from learning necessary skills and improving related abilities, he grabbed every chance to get himself a deeper understanding and a more practical view of this industry. In his undergraduate period, he had served as an intern at CCTV2 for as long as 9 months. After he entered SJTU, he has successfully completed internships at Institute of Journalism of Jiefang Daily Group in 2011 and China Business Network of Shanghai Media Group in 2012. The experiences offer him opportunities to work with world renowned brands such as Rossini watch and Samsung, as well as to report, edit and analyze news materials in famous columns. Thanks to his perseverance in dream and diligence at work, now, he is enrolled in the reporter position of Zhejiang Radio and Television Group in advance.His professional skills and communicative ability have witnessed a great improvement and the idea of being a news reporter was even firmer in his mind.

To prepare himself for the huge psychological and physical pressure of this profession, he keeps doing intensified exercises and that’s probably part of the reason why he’s more capable of handling pressure and obstacles than others. Running and riding are his favorite sports. You can see him at school gym at least three times a week. It is really amazing that he once rode from Beijing to the north end of China: spending 35 days, passing nearly 3000 kilometers.

He has to admit there were a lot of pains and detours on his way of pursuing dream, however, he persevered and conquered. He wants to share with you all that the key to success is being calm, perseverant, and unafraid of making mistakes. As is said by a famous writer Hu Shi, all efforts are not made for nothing.

Reported by Zhu Xiaotong