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Zhou Kunpeng and His Huanxiao Team
Zhou Kunpeng and His Huanxiao Team

A Persistent Entrepreneur, A Wild Dreamer

         When I choose to be the typical entrepreneur, I have decided to go against mainstream to explore a less trodden path. Huanxiao Online Store, which took off three years ago, is a great cherish for me and my team. It is just like my first kid, though the two years’ breeding truly suffers, watching its growth is still cheerful and satisfying. It was my part time jobs in undergraduate years that helped me gain many social experiences and at the same time financially covered my spending. I determined to be an entrepreneur before I entered SJTU. Unlike entrepreneurs with great ambition or unrealistic dream, I would like to be a down-to-earth practitioner.

About Zhou Kunpeng

Zhou Kunpeng is a 2013 post graduate student from School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering majoring in Geotechnical Engineering. He started his Huanxiao Online Store in 2012 with his partner Jin Chaohui, Chen Zehua as well as Li Dong. He extended his business to 59Food in 2012, targeting his customer to intensive student groups and white collars.


Zhou Kunpeng (From School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering) and Jin Chaohui (School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology) are the core of the Huanxiao Team. Both of them are graduate students this year, and they are now operating Huanxiao Online Store and 59Food full time. The team also has Chen Zehua and Li Dong as part time team players.

When compared to Ma Yun, the founder of Alibaba, Zhou Kunpeng replied modestly that his business was no comparison to Ma Yun’s. “I just wanted to explore the market in universities and serve the students heart and soul. It is hard to operate the online store, and it is time consuming at the same time. Our team used to work days and nights to build the website. I can’t remember how many sleepless nights I spent with my partners before the first order popped out of the computer screen. But I can still remember the wild joy we had at that moment.”

When being asked how he managed to balance his academic work with business, he grinned, “I should give credits to my friend who helps me with my academic work, i.e. my roommate. In my three years’ postgraduate years I try to squeeze my time from managing Huanxiao Online Store and 59food to keep my academic achievement updating.

About Huanxiao Online Store and 59food

  • October, 2011, Huanxiao Online store Opened Online
  • November, 2011, Received the Shanghai Technology Entrepreneurship fund---Eyas Plan
  • December, 2011, Received the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Entrepreneurship fund---Nursery Plan
  • April, 2012, Received China Youth Entrepreneurship International Plan YBC Found; Settled down in Zizhu Hightech Zone.
  • May, 2012, Received Shanghai University Students’ Technology Entrepreneurship found---Eagle Plan. 59food project started the same month.
  • August, 2012, Huatu University Students’ Entrepreneurship National First Prize. 59food tested online the same month
  • October, 2012, 59food SJTU branch officially faced the market.
  • December, 2012, 59food took part in CBN TV program Angle’s Love and fought into the top three projects.