Zeng Shun
zeng shun

Serving China’s Western Region

         In my opinion, choosing a job is on a par with choosing your life goal and future life path. For me, it is only through going where we are most needed and through relating ourselves to the development of our nation that we can fulfill or realize our self-value.
The harmonious development of our country needs the development of its western region, which needs talented people. That is to say, the construction of our hometown needs the participation of its children. During my undergraduate years, my university taught me the aviation spirit; when I stepped into the gate of SJTU, the university motto led me to learn more about gratefulness and patriotism. I should bear the responsibility to our country. Though not everyone can be a hero to our country, I can at least do what I am able to do and go where I am most needed to help our country and serve the whole nation. The motto guides me and the construction of the western region calls me. To serve the development of China’s western region and to support the construction of my hometown is what I should do and what I love to do.
In order to better support the construction of my hometown, I studied hard during my graduate years. Apart from the basic theoretical knowledge, I have learned a lot of frontier information. Also, I managed to put these theories into practice, which helps me to go into the depth and improves my practical abilities.
All in all, SJTU’s motto has kept guiding me. I will follow the right path and keep moving forward. Though I am about to leave SJTU, the motto will be with me all my life. I am really grateful to SJTU, my mother university, and I will never let her down.

About Him

Zeng Shun

  • Department: Institute of Forming Technology and Equipment
  • Education Background:
        2010/09--2013/03 Master’s degree, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
        2006/09--2010/06 Bachelor’s degree, Shenyang Aerospace University

With few titles and few awards, Zeng Shun is really modest and down-to-earth. He has a calm and peaceful heart and a firm and persistent learning spirit.

He enriches himself mainly from two perspectives: one is learning—acquiring knowledge and skills, which is essential for survival; another is thinking—meditating on life path and self-value.

For him, learning is a process of acquiring knowledge, determining one’s own goal and preparing for the future. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, a learning paradise, has rich learning resources. The past several years, he was travelling in the ocean of knowledge, and was like a sponge restlessly absorbing all kinds of knowledge. On campus, the good learning environment of SJTU stimulates him to keep learning, not only learning from books but from outstanding students and dedicated teachers around him as well. What is more, lectures with various topics in different fields helped him to get to know the latest technological frontiers and enabled him to savor the essence of humanities and social sciences.

To him, one of the most meaningful and impressive activities during these years is visiting Qian Xuesen Library. On its opening day, he took a visit there. What he saw in the library impressed him a lot. Qian’s spirit of learning, pursuit of knowledge and love for the motherland all left a deep impression on him. Apart from leaving the deep impression, those great qualities of Qian later guided him in his choice of career. He chose to serve the western region to support the construction of his hometown and try to serve our motherland with his own energy. After two and a half years’ study at SJTU, he said, he has made a great fortune, not physically but mentally, which lays a solid foundation for his future career and helps him to have a clearer life goal, i.e. to serve China’s western region. Day by day, with expanded horizons and clearer roadmap of life, he becomes more relaxed and calm. I guess he manages to feel the so-called inner peace.

Reported by Li Jing