Tian Kai
Tian Kai

A positive challenger

         It has been my life philosophy for long that focusing on whatever you are doing betters the outcome. And in this process concentration helps me to accumulate experience and skills, which differentiate me from other competitors. Another important way to promote myself is to keep challenging myself in both work and study. When faced with challenge, a brave man takes this opportunity to strengthen him rather than falls down. In the years at SJTU I find myself energetic and self motivated, which helped me to understand better what life has taught me.

About Him

Tian Kai

  • Recipient of dual bachelor degree in Engineering and Economics at SJTU
  • M.S. in Joint Institute, SJTU
  • Competition team leader at Zurich Insurance
  • Social practice leader at Wahaha Group
  • Department leader at TECC League
  • Volunteer in Shanghai 2010 World EXPO
  • Recipient of Tyco International Scholarship First Class
  • Outstanding Graduate of SJTU in 2010

An extraordinary spirit I see from Tian Kai is that he always take a positive attitude in the face of challenge. Under the pressure of studying Mechanical Engineering in Joint Institute, he chose to learn something more, something like a minor in Finance, or like studying a second foreign language French and even a third one German. Thanks to one challenge after another, he broadened his mind and developed his diverse skills.

Kalvin (Tian Kai) also made attempts to challenge himself outside the academic field. He used to lead 7 exchange students to complete a business plan report of insurance market within 4 days at Zurich Insurance and ranked 4th in competition. Kalvin believes that social work, especially teamwork, makes a person better integrated in society. After realizing my drawback of being too shy to contact with others, I grabbed every opportunity to exercise myself. A good solution to this introvert nature is to push myself to a situation like being a class president or being active in social groups so that I have to communicate. Like the old saying goes, confront a person with the danger of death and he will fight to live.

Being a department leader at TECC (Technology& Education: Connecting Culture), Kalvin is absolutely making earnest efforts to promote public good. He organized annual volunteer activity to call for students working as a tutor in western China to help kids there. He also made booklets and posters with Photoshop, promoted volunteer activities and case competitions. During 2010 World EXPO, Kalvin worked as a History Pavilion Guide for a month, illustrated the video to the visitors and assisted translation team. Finally he got the Expo Volunteer service Award among 5000 volunteers.

Reported by Cao Zhengxiao