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Zhou Jing

Innovation, Aspiration, Devotion

         My experience at SJTU can be summed up into three ‘greats’: achieving a great goal, having a great internship, and making a group of great friends.

The time zips by. In the blink of an eye, my postgraduate study at SJTU Transportation/Engineering Management Department has come to an end. Upon recollecting the old days, I have spent the cream of my youth time at SJTU.

Besides the first-prize award, the ‘Challenge Cup’ has left us an indelible memory of the days we rushed about beneath the scorching sun for the accurate data and the moments we burst into the hearty laughter for a creative idea. ‘Diligence, Confidence and Innovation’ are what we’ve learned from the competition and what we will bear for the new journey.

On the ordinary days, the laboratory witnessed my numerous burning nights; the research center saw me bustling about; in between were the cheerful tears shared with my friends. Achievements go hand in hand with setbacks. No pains, no gains. SJTU has enriched the most valuable days in my life and made me each day nearer and nearer to my dream.

Set up your goal; Strive for it; Derive meaning during the process.

About Him

Zhou, Jing
Postgraduate, Department of Transportation/Engineering Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Most People came to know Zhou Jing through the “Challenge Cup”. Two years ago in January 2010, Zhou Jing, Zhang Lei and Ma Pengqing teamed up and drew up the plan on garbage classification to enter for the 12th National ‘Challenge Cup’ Competition, known as Chinese collegiate students’ Olympic Games. In October 2011, they obtained the first prize for their ‘Investigation Report on Garbage Classification in Large-Scale Exhibitions’. During the process, Zhou Jing the leader was responsible for the schedule arrangement, helped to release 250 copies of questionnaires, and organized 21 group meetings. The result merits their toils. Their work stood out among 16,976 works from 1,935 universities.

As a postgraduate of engineering, Zhou has his internship at Shanghai Rail Transit Maintenance Support Center. At the Center, he was the only postgraduate to participate in the subway reliability program and his research work focused on the optimization of the subway vehicles system maintenance based on RCM-Fuzzy, with the optimization decision-making model established, as well as statistical analysis on 3877 data of VBA program to reduce the cost.

Apart from academic achievements, Zhou Jing is also President of SJTU Runner Club which boasts 350 memberships and has been awarded “SJTU Top Ten Society” for consecutive years. Besides, he has received “Volunteer Star” Prize at Shanghai Expo 2010 and been elected as one of SJTU Top Ten volunteers. By participating and organizing these activities, he has made really “cool” friends and remains intimate with them.

Reported by Zhang Shuang