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Zhang Zhixing

Academic Excellence, Abundant Practice, Volunteer Spirit

         The most unusual-looking main gate, the most difficult math analysis exams, the most luxurious library, the most affable President, the most beautiful Siyuan Lake, and the most lively BBS, all of these form my most precious memories of undergraduate and postgraduate study here; most reluctantly, however, I have to say goodbye now.

Here I have not only acquired numerous scholarships and awards but also gained genuine happiness from volunteer work and social experience. Here I have grown into a mature and strong girl, willing to take future responsibilities in life.

Here is Shanghai Jiao Tong University, a fertile soil for generations of talented students. From here, my dream sets sail and I am to further my PhD study at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a full scholarship.

The university motto, ‘Gratitude and Responsibility’, has been imprinted on every SJTU student’s mind. At this time of departing, I still recall the promise we all have made to ourselves and to SJTU: “Today I am proud of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and tomorrow I will make the university proud of me.” Now the time has come for me to fulfill my promise.

Wish SJTU and all SJTU students a bright future!

About Her

Zhang Zhixing
Graduate student, Antai College of Economic & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

She has always maintained excellent academic performance since 2005 when she entered SJTU. During her undergraduate and postgraduate years, Zhang Zhixing has won many awards, including Tung OOCL Scholarship Award, the Excellent EXPO Volunteer Award, China Pacific life Insurance Scholarship of Excellence, Merit Student Award, and the Award for Shanghai Outstanding Graduates. She also participated in a key research project of National Natural Fund.

With her mastery of academic knowledge, Zhang Zhixing seized many opportunities to apply what she has learned into practice. Her work experiences include research assistant in Orient Security Company Limited, research assistant in Baosteel Group Strategy Research Institute, research assistant in China Development Bank, and intern in The Shanghai Youth League. With her serious and earnest working attitude, Zhang Zhixing successfully combined theory with practice in these jobs.

Moreover, with her strong spirit of devotion and outstanding coordination ability, Zhang Zhixing served as the party branch secretary of her college and organized many meaningful activities from 2009 to 2012. She also volunteered in Shanghai EXPO to act as director of cultural publicity in EXPO Puxi Urban Best Practice Area.

This is Zhang Zhixing, a passionate girl who is always striving to do her best. There’s no doubt that she will fulfill the promise she has made to SJTU and to herself and be a real winner in life.

Reported by Chen Meihe