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You Yuhao

Professional Basketball Player, Hardworking Spirit

         Having captained SJTU Men’s Basketball Team since 2006 and studied here since 2005, I’m now a graduate with a Master Degree of Education.
It is at SJTU that I’ve succeeded in transforming from a professional athlete to a college student. It is years I’ve spent at SJTU that broaden my horizon, improve my cultural knowledge and enrich my understanding of basic theories. It is my mentors’ earnest teachings and intensification of the courses that make my knowledge more systematical and professional and my problem-solving ability enhanced, especially during my postgraduate study.
I’m grateful to both SJTU and the Department of Physical Education of SJTU for helping me conduct the natural transformation. I appreciate that the PE Department follows the principle of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and thanks to the principle I have not only improved my basketball skills, but also got a qualitative change in cultural quality.
I also want to express my heartfelt thanks to SJTU for laying a solid scientific and cultural foundation for my devotion to the construction of China. The work in the department and within the team has not only enhanced my all-round competence, but also set me clear objectives for future career: whatever job I take, I shall observe professional ethic with a spirit of cooperation, and work conscientiously on the basis of the collective interest.
I promise that I will do all my work with a hundredfold efforts and a precise and well-knit working style to redound on SJTU’s nourishment and expectation.

About Him

You Yuhao
Postgraduate, Department of Physical Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

You Yuhao was enrolled to SJTU as a professional basketball player. Starting to play basketball at a very young age, he had been elected in the professional team since his adolescence. Years of professional training, learning and collective life have cultivated his ability to withstand hardships, his indomitable will, his spirit of unity and corporation, and his courage to strive for success. You Yuhao had won many prizes in his high school years, and as early as 2002 he was certificated as State First-Class Athlete.

Entering SJTU, You Yuhao has greatly improved his own cultural quality, and obtained the consistent high praise from leaders, teachers, coaches, classmates and teammates. He has captained SJTU’s Men’s Basketball Team ever since the year of 2006. Under his leadership, SJTU Male Basketball Team has won a lot of prizes: in 2006, the team won the male basketball match championship in the 13th Shanghai Games; in 2009, the team ranked the sixth in the fifth Chinese University Basketball Super League (UCBS); in 2010, the team captured the championship in the College Men’s Basketball Match of the 14th Shanghai Games, etc.

As the captain of the team, he not only takes daily training seriously, but also assists the department leaders and coaches in the team's management, which has earned him certain popularity and prestige among the teammates, and improved both his abilities of communication and coordination. Over the years, You Yuhao has adhered to the principle of keeping strictly to the straight and narrow, and working in the down-to-earth manner.

Reported by Zhen Yinghui