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Ma Jixiang

Volunteer Teaching in West China

         It is really a special moment now and I am greatly thankful to SJTU where I’ve spent seven years and a half studying and living. SJTU has enabled me a lot of experiences which lift my qualities and enrich my thought.

I joined the Tenth Postgraduate Teaching Mission, working as a volunteer teacher in Inner-Mongolia for a whole year. It is the life in such a different place for such a long time that broadened my mind, tempered my willpower and equipped me with the ability of good communication and coordination. More importantly, I love being volunteers since then and go on being actively involved in volunteer services, including Shanghai EXPO volunteer.

SJTU offers every student a grand platform on which we can fully show ourselves, get cultivated and make progress not only in skills but also in thoughts. As long as you are ready, she will offer you the power and assist you to seize the chance. Even if you still need to get further prepared, she will also offer you assistance to make you more confident.

I love SJTU and am pretty honored to have been a member of this family. To choose SJTU is to choose responsibility. Tomorrow, I will start my career course as a management trainee at Bank of Communications. What I learned on campus will certainly enable me to face up to the coming challenges with full confidence and good preparation.

Best wishes to SJTU as well as all schoolmates! Wish you all a bright future.

About Him

Ma Jixiang Postgraduate in School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering (SEIEE)
There is no room for doubt that SJTU sure boasts all-round students and Ma Jixiang is just one of them.

“Only when we become competent and get well-trained, can we put ourselves in an invincible position during the future rat race and better serve our country and society”. For his excellent undergraduate performance at SJTU, he has been awarded the accolade of “Triple-A Student of Shanghai” and “Excellent Graduate of Shanghai”. Furthering study as a postgraduate, Ma Jixiang is more research-oriented and has been awarded several scholarships. He has also got three research papers published in the core periodicals based on his active participation in the National Natural Science Fund Program “Research on Alternative Gas of SF6” led by his supervisor.

Academic excellence is not all about him. Off campus, there is a bigger world for him. He once spent a whole year in the west China for volunteer teaching, which left him a lifetime memory: English teaching, lectures giving and textbook compiling. He and the team won high praise from the local government and school faculty and students. Back from Inner-Mongolia, he devoted himself to Shanghai Expo volunteer service. His commitment and dedication were approved and he was praised as “Excellent League Cadre of Shanghai Jiao Tong University” and “Excellent Volunteer of 2010 Shanghai Expo”, etc.

Later and recently, the internships as HR Consultant in GE China and as PTA in Monitor Group get him well prepared for a real career. He is ready to prove that besides being an all-round student, he can become a qualified professional in the banking sector.