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Liu Wei

Technology, Dream, Entrepreneurship

         With code in the left hand, passion in the right, Tech Otakus can save the world.

As I look back at my past years when trying to start up miHoYo, I realize the most important thing I have learned is that we should have the courage to follow our heart and intuition since they somehow already know what we truly want to become.

I am grateful to my mentors for their help and understand, and also to my classmates for their encouragement and support. And surely, my thanks also goes to my parents who never waver in their support for me although up to now I haven’t got the chance to articulate the game I’m working on to them. With their reassuring support and trust, I can pursue my dream and do things my way.

Having a dream is a good thing, perhaps the best thing, but that’s just not enough. The courage and the faith in pursuit of one's dreams are absolutely indispensable. Whatever the outcome of all the effort and hard work is, feats or failure, the dream is just worth it. My most valuable gains in these two and a half years as a postgraduate at SJTU are that I have found my dream and retrieved passion to actualize it. I want to express my most sincere thanks to SJTU for providing such a good platform to our team. Wish SJTU a bright future.

SJTU-ers, never lose your dreams!

About Him

Liu Wei Postgraduate in School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering (SEIEE), SJTU-Georgia Institute of Technology Dual Master Student

He is the co-founder of miHoYo; he is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship; he loves both computer games and Japanese comics; he spares no effort in working, and takes achievements cool; he is a Tech Otakus and also an entrepreneur. He is Liu Wei.

Although Liu Wei is only 25 years old, he has established his own game-developing team miHoYo for almost three years. With a huge passion for ACG (Animation, Comic and Game), the team has paved the way to entrepreneurship. They were the second runner-up in the competition of “The New Entrepreneurial Talents” and got funded by Shanghai Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation for Graduates (EFG). They also won a RMB 200,000 yuan award in “Master Plan” Competition by designing an online flash game editor program. Afterwards, they were highly appraised for developing a 2.5D flash game engine called Misato.

They also once cooperated with SNDA in developing the game of “Crazy Arcade Heroes”. Due to their excellent performance, SNDA had the idea to takeover his team. However, after deliberation, he and the team decided to refuse the olive branch held out to them and pursue their own entrepreneurial course. In 2011, Liu Wei and his team were dedicated to developing iOS games, and released Fly me 2 the moon, their first game for iPhone. The game was quite popular in App Store.

Liu Wei has already worked out their future blueprint. He hopes that miHoYo could fill in the gaps in the ACG field of China and build Virtual Idol brands well known in China. Liu Wei has great confidence in his team and believes that they can achieve this goal in the future.

Reported by Zhen Yinghui