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Liu Shuang

Iron-willed, Optimistic Village Official-to-Be

         Time flies, the beautiful and hard years of the college life have flown away. Standing at the terminal station of my study, surging thoughts and emotions stir up fresh memories back to the past. Looking at my dear classmates and the beautiful campus, I feel so reluctant to part with SJTU. The past has taught me many unique and valuable things which I hope to share with every SJTU-er.

I have learned that adversity is life’s treasure. Everyone will inevitably meet with difficulties in their life. Faced with frustrations, we should be brave to fight for ourselves. Even life is not so generous to me, I cherish what I already have and stay content. Our life will gradually become mature and consummate thanks to the trials and tribulations.

I have learned from my beloved and departed father that in our short life, material abundance should not be the first priority. It is the inner peace that matters. Back to the old straitened circumstances, it was other people's helping hand that gave me courage to get by and keep moving forward. So I will always live with a grateful heart and give back to the society. I devote myself into volunteer work when I am now able to help those in need, especially the disabled orphans in the social welfare home. It’s far from enough to do it myself, so I call on my classmates to join me.

Parting with the alma mater, teachers and friends is suffering but it also denotes a new beginning. To grow faster, I will start out at the bottom – to serve as a village official in the rural grass-roots unit where there is a desperate need of talent. I firmly believe it’s the best place to realize my personal value.

Every SJTU student should be brave and confident. Let’s look forward to the great future created with our own hands.

About Her

Liu Shuang Postgraduate in School of Media & Design
When Liu Shuang just finished her primary school, her father had to ask her to quit school given the family’s poor conditions. Liu Shuang promised that she would not ask the family for a penny to keep study, and she did it. Through her hard work, Liu Shuang completed her secondary education on scholarships and entered a key university. To make a living, she did several part-time jobs after class, earning her own tuition and supporting her younger brother’s schooling. When her younger sister dropped out of school due to poor grades, Liu Shuang took the charge of her education. She applied for a part-time job in the library and brought her sister with her to study there every night. Liu Shuang had a full schedule every day, yet she felt that life was much enriched.

Before graduation, Liu Shuang followed her parents’ advice to pursue a master’s degree. However, life never showed mercy to her. Just one month before the postgraduate entrance exam, Liu Shuang’s father was diagnosed with cancer. As the eldest daughter, Liu Shuang propped up the family with her iron will. To pay her father’s medical fees and the family’s living expenses, she took several part-time jobs during the postgraduate study at SJTU. Every weekend, Liu Shuang got on an overnight bus home to see her father. In her father’s last hours, he said he was very gratified to have such filial and sensible children and he hoped them to bear gratitude in mind.

Cherishing the precious opportunity to study, Liu Shuang has always been an outstanding student. In her postgraduate study in School of Media and Design, she has participated in two MOE key projects and published six academic papers.

Life seems always harsh to Liu Shuang, but she never gives in. She is passionate and enjoys life including those hardships. In pursuit of the inner peace, she keeps moving forward with steady and solid steps. Her optimism and perseverance have fought a flowering path in the hardships of life.

Her Social Experience

  • Scenarist Intern, CCTV-5   
  • Editor Intern, Shanghai Media Group
  • HR Intern, Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd.
  • HR Assistant, Wicresoft (Shanghai) Software Co., Ltd.

Reported by Wang Jie