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Li Jinjin

Passion, Dream, Academic Excellence

         Scientific research is like a high mountain. Only through hard work can you succeed in climbing over it. On the road to the peak, I will never give up and never forget the help and support from my alma mater and teachers.

Since the minute I stepped into this university, I have been filled with gratitude that SJTU provides the students with the best faculty and resources. In such a good environment, one can fail only because of laziness.

Many people often hear me receiving honors or awards one after another, but few of them see how hard I’ve been working. No pains, no gains. You first need to find what you are truly passionate about instead of following others blindly. Once you have set the goal, you should make every effort to make it come true. And only if you are brave and diligent enough will you find a way to realize your own dream.

Time flies, and the graduation day is coming. As one of the qualified graduates of the Physics Department, I choose to pursue further study in the U.S. as a postdoctoral researcher to devote myself into academic career.

Make your own choice. Don’t lose yourself. Never give up. Do something to better the society. Remember: Hard Work (50%) + Right Approach (40%) + Natural Gift (10%) = Success !

About Her

Li, Jinjin
PhD student, the Department of Physics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

She is only 25 years old. She won the Scholarship Award for Excellent Doctoral Student granted by the Ministry of Education, the National Academic Award for Distinguished Doctoral Candidates and eight other top scholarships. She was the first-prize winner in a calligraphy competition. She was also good at giving English speeches.

She is Li Jinjin, a PhD student of the Department of Physics who will graduate in five days. Li is outstanding in many fields but there is no doubt that her most amazing achievement lies in scientific research. Till now, Li Jinjin has published 25 papers in core journals, among which 16 with lead authorship.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Tianjin University of Technology in 2007 and since then became a PhD candidate at SJTU. During her PhD studies, she devoted herself into the research on dynamics of an optical coherently driven quantum dot, its coupled system and optical controlled devices based on optomechanical system. She has gained remarkable research achievements which even caught the eyes of foreign academia and won their recognition and praises. Physical Review Focus (PRF) once reported her research results with the tile of “Weighing DNA Down to the Zeptogram” and spoke highly of the breakthrough made by Li Jinjin.

Reported by Hou Yulu