Pan Chenggang
Pan Chenggang

Being a SJTUer

         Among this year’s graduate students, I am not the most outstanding one. However, the choice of working in the west part of China makes me different. When all my classmates are elbowing into the job markets in Yangtze Delta, I chose to make contributions to the west, my hometown. After graduation, I will be an engineer at No.203 Institute of China Weapon Industry in Xi’an. I feel supreme honor to have chance dedicating to the cause of national defense. With my mild disposition and research oriented career plan, this job is a perfect position for me. I will keep on my research with the purpose of protecting the nation. Hope my master degree will help a little. For my study in SJTU, I am gratitude for the part-time jobs provided by the school, which helped me gaining working experiences and also, financially. I should say SJTU’s education style makes me more proactive and determined. I started to think about my career plan after I entered this university. SJTU grants me with my courage to challenge myself. Being a SJTUer, it is also a great honor driving me marching forward.

About Him

Pan Chenggang

  • Outstanding Graduates of SJTU
  • The KaiYuan Motivational Scholarship
  • Second Level Scholarship of Graduate student, Excellent League Member of SJTU
  • Principal People’s Scholarship, People's Third-class Scholarship

Pan Chenggang, a typical SJTU young man majoring in science, chooses a path seldom trodden before. He determines to work in the west to, devoting to the research of national defense system. Judging from a short conversation with him, he is quite a reliable and silent person. But only referring to his research, were his eyes sparkling with delight and passion. He undertook a research program with Natural Science Foundation of China in his post-graduate years. Also an invention patent is in his pocket. In friends’ eyes, he is a down-to-earth researcher while in professor’s eyes, he is a capable assistant. However, SJTU is not in lack of clever minds. She is in lack of true dedicators, pioneering to the place China needs the most. That is why Pan Chenggang is so special and outstanding.

Reported by Cao Zhengxiao