Ng Ching Yuen
Ng Ching Yuen

What SJTU offers

         From HongKong to Shanghai, from ECUPL to SJTU, from Economics to Law, I have never regretted my choice to further my life and study here in this university. SJTU has provided me with a great academic atmosphere, a huge displaying stage, and a belief that I will never ever betray.
There always has been no way to be relaxed or slack in learning under the peer pressure of this renowned university. I feel honored to be surrounded by excellent students and taught by inspiring teachers. The rigorous academic attitudes as well as the Socratic teaching methods of professors have pushed me to think over various legal problems day to day. Thanks to this, I was able to pass China’s national judicial exam which is known as one of the most difficult tests in China.
Besides, SJTU also offers me a huge stage to display myself as well as improve myself. Through numerous activities, such as debating contest, Entrepreneurship Program, dancing association, I have the opportunity to show my talents, meet outstanding intellects, and make more friends. Though leadership roles, for instance, Chairman of Postgraduate Association, which benefits me the most, I tried my best to change my dream into reality.
The last but most important thing I was offered here is the humanistic spirit of “Never give up”. There has never been an easy short-cut to the honors and achievements I made. There is no doubt I encountered numerous difficulties and frustration on my way to reach my goal, however, I struggled, I persisted and I survived. If I were provided a chance to tell one thing to all the new comers at SJTU, I would say: Choose what you love and love what you choose. Then, never give up.

About Him

Ng Ching Yuen

  • M.A. in Law, KoGuan Law School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Chairman of Postgraduate Association of KoGuan Law School

Ng Ching Yuen, a hardworking and positive man from Hongkong, started his study as a post graduate at SJTU Law School in 2010. Although he is not from mainland China as majority of SJTU students are, he led an even more colorful and meaningful university life than them. Due to his strong sense of responsibility and deep respect for teamwork, Ng Ching Yuen has played many leadership roles on campus. From the committee of study and life of his class, to the team leader of 13th SJTU Entrepreneurship Program Contest, and to the Chariman of Postgraduate Association of Law School, he perfectly completed his jobs and conscientiously led others towards success along with him. Apart from his rich experience in social student work, Ng Ching Yuen has won plenty of awards and honors in his time at SJTU. He won the national Baogang Scholarship twice in 2011 and 2012. In Oct, 2011, he was entitled “the 3 Good Student” of SJTU. Moreover, the second award of SJTU Freshmen Cup Debate was captured by him.

Zealous public welfare promoter as he is, sacrificing his little private free time, Ng Ching Yuen made use of every chance devoting himself into voluntary work. He was an excellent volunteer in Minhang district legal department legal volunteer program as well as in the activities of legal consultation and promotion. Before he enters SJTU, he has voluntarily served in SongJiang ZiQiang Primary School and SongJiang Kindergarten for a long period. Interestingly, Ng Ching Yuen seems to have talent in language and culture. Thanks to his life and experiences in different cities, he becomes a student mastering proficiency level of Cantonese and Taiwanese, and he is also able to understand and express in Shanghai dialect. He is the one who respect different cultures and who is willing to experience and merge into various cultures, which makes him a quick learner and a deliberate thinker, contributing to his success in a relatively non-native environment.

Reported by Zhu Xiaotong