Liu Xiao
Liu Xiao

Colorful life@SJTU

         During the rest days on campus, take a road and walk through it; find a girl to spend the rest of life with her.” This was what I said to myself on Christmas Eve two years ago, when my graduate life just began. And now when I am about to leave the campus and my classmates for a new journey, I feel regretless but reluctant to depart. My college life has gone, but the colorful memory in SJTU has been imprinted deeply on my mind. When I feel confused and aimless, I am always encouraging myself that time is so valuable that I should make every moment meaningful and my life colorful. Except that I conducted scientific research in the lab, I was elected as Chairman of Graduate Student Union. Various influential activities were launched by us, such as Physics Carnival, Christmas & New Year Party and academic forums. I also established a “Scientific Shop” to impart Physics knowledge to people around us.
Taking part in the program “Career Development for Students in the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan”, I spent a wonderful time in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. During this period of time, I had made many good friends and maintained close contact with students from different countries, who gave me a whole picture of their life. All of these brought extraordinary experience for my college life.
As a student who has spent seven years in SJTU, I feel very proud of coming to a city like Shanghai, a university like SJTU and a department like School of Sciences. I am thankful for everything given by SJTU. I will keep pursuing my dream and find my self-worth. Let my dreams as brilliant as sunshine.
I believe that every SJTU students who keeps on trying and striving will have a bright future and colorful life.

About Him

Liu Xiao

  • M.S in Optical engineering, Physics department, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Chairman of Graduate Student Union of Physics Department
  • Recipient of the Honor of Shanghai Municipal Excellent Graduate
  • Recipient of the Honor of SJTU Excellent Student Cadres

He is a passionate and vigorous young man. Against all difficulties and setbacks, he maintains his passion and persists in his dream. During his graduate life, he was the recipient of many honors, such as “Shanghai Municipal Excellent Graduate” and “SJTU Excellent Student Cadres”. He has attended many academic symposiums both at home and abroad, such as CSPV8 and Five Party Workshop. His scientific achievement has aroused extensive attention of experts in that field and has gained support from several outstanding papers and key projects. He has also tried to transform the scientific achievements into industry by forming a company. Although he has experienced ups and downs, his enterprising spirit remains.

As the head of student organization, he works cautiously and conscientiously. He organized The Academic Forum of Physics Students from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, which has been a part of SJTU Doctoral Academic Forum. This is the first time that the Forum invited the doctoral students from Hong Kong and Taiwan, thus it provides a broader stage for the featured forum of Physics Department, which has been held for four consecutive terms. He has developed the Graduate Student Union of Department of Physics into a featured union of SJTU. As an exchange student, he has also taken part in the Career Development for Students from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He has made an in-depth research on living conditions and career development of HK and Taiwan Students. At the same time, he is the chairperson of volunteers for APPC and CSPV, offering considerate and enthusiastic service to domestic and international visiting guests.

This is Liu Xiao, a guy who keeps on striving and making progress. On the way towards his dream, he will go ahead with firm steps and live a colorful life.

Reported by Liu Cen