Liu Chang
Liu Chang

Pioneering Spirit, Academic Excellence, Volunteer Teaching

         From 2006 to 2013, I have studied in SJTU for nearly seven years, from majoring in Department of Physics to Research Institute of Micro. On the occasion of graduation, so many unforgettable scenes and moments arise in my mind: the weeping willow around the Siyuan lake, the carefree pigeons on the Yangsi grass, the spiral stairs in the library, the overnight lights in the laboratory, the discussion and debate with teachers in class, the critical listening of speech given by academic masters and industry gurus, the unforgettable memories with friends on the court, the hobnobbing with roommates in dormitory, the bargaining with retailors in Hualian Life Centre.
Seven years life in SJTU helps me gradually get to know the world and myself. What I want to say most is that there are so many outstanding people around us and also a series of standards for success. However, we should avoid becoming mediocrity from continuous excellence. The first and foremost thing is to be the person you dream to be. All in all, peruse but not do it intentionally. Yearn for success and also accept banality. These are the valuable wealth of my life I have obtained from SJTU.

About Him

Liu Chang

  • Bachelor of Electronic Science and Technology, Department of Physics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Master of Optical Information Science and Technology, Research Institute of Micro, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Bearing the studious spirit and unremitting efforts, Liu Chang has made great achievements in his academic study, which could be demonstrated by the awards and honors he received during his study at SJTU: Being a recommended student in Research Institute of Micro (2010), National Encouragement Scholarship (2008&2009), People’s Scholarship (2006-2009), the First Prize Scholarship of Academic Excellence (2011), National Scholarship (2012),etc.

Thanks to his sedulous spirit, he also involved in two great projects: the National Innovation Fund Project (2010-2011) and the National Natural Science Fund (2010). He published two papers and applied for a patent. In 2012, he got an internship in LSI logic, an American IC design company, and participated in designing and researching a network IC. Besides all his achievements on study, he is also actively involved in love public service activities. He went to a school for deaf mutes to help the children. And he also worked as an voluntary tutor for students at Children’s Palace in Jiangchuan Road.

Reported by Huang Jing