Li Shilong
Li Shilong

"Jiao Tong" and Me; Full of Passion and Motivation

         When I was in senior high school, I did not imagine that I could be enrolled by Shanghai Jiao Tong University; when I began to think about my future career, I never ever thought about that I would be employed by Bank of Communications (Jiao Tong Yin Hang). Maybe that is because ‘Jiao Tong’ and I have some special connections. ‘Jiao Tong’ has seen me grow and helped me through.
I never think that I have superior intelligence or outstanding capabilities, but I feel that I have exceptional passion and motivation. The seven-year period in SJTU has witnessed my growth: I have learned to savor the sense of life, to accumulate little by little, day by day, and to find beauty out of common life. I always regard myself as mistletoe, a kind of parasite, which can parasitize different places in different phases. No matter what kind of activities I took part in, with my classmates or with members in Qiushui Association, I was just like mistletoe adapting myself to different situations and absorbing all kinds of nutrition. With the accumulation in my undergraduate years, I managed to make further progress in my graduate years.
After joining the Student Union of Plasticity Technology School, I went all out to serve my school and have been trying to do something unique. Then, a lot of activities come into being, such as ‘campus exploration’, ‘outdoor education’, and ‘graduation festival’. Thanks to those activities, I have accumulated much experience and learned many lessons. Gradually, I became good at thinking and summarizing and I began to enjoy novelties and challenges, which helps me to improve my comprehensive abilities.
In terms of job hunting, I got offers from several companies related to my major both at home and abroad. However, I chose none of them. The reason is that during the interview for management trainees of Bank of Communications, I found out what I am really looking for. That is a more promising job and a broader platform, which can provide me with more opportunities and challenges and meanwhile help me to get to know myself, to learn more about the society and to know this age. The three-year training program is exactly what I need. Finally, I got this precious offer and became one of the 28 graduates enrolled from six universities in China. I strongly believe it is what I have accumulated in SJTU that helps me to achieve the good results.
Thank you Jiao Tong University! All the best wishes to you!

About Him

Li Shilong

  • President, Student Union of Plasticity Technology School, SJTU
  • Core Member, the 16th Elite Training Camp of Student Leaders, SJTU
  • Outstanding Volunteer, Shanghai World Expo 2010
  • Director Qiushui Association, top ten association of SJTU
  • Outstanding graduates in Shanghai
  • National Award for Distinguished Masters (top 1%)
  • School Outstanding Student Leaders in SJTU (top 5%)
  • National Academic Scholarship of Class B in SJTU (top 10%, twice)
  • National Academic Scholarship of Class C in SJTU (top 20%)
  • Scientific payoffs: One paper in GCJC, Two paper in EI, One patent for invention, Two copyrights of software

Just as he said, Li Shilong is a man full of passion and enthusiasm. During his seven years in SJTU, he accumulated comparatively rich research experience, intern experience, participated in all kinds of activities and made a lot of achievements.

He has participated in at least four research projects, including first, Natural Science Foundation of China: Optimization research of semi-hot forging process, where he optimized the metal precision process based on microstructure, verified the results with 500 simulations and 300 experiments, analyzed a large amount of experiments data with varieties of research tools (Gleeble, MATLAB, Marc, etc.) and improved the automobile universal joint process into a leading position with better properties and less cost obviously; second, Subtopic of Major National S&T Program: Cold Forging Process and Die Design System, where he designed the CAD and CAE systems in cold forging process with VC-Tools based in NX and Deform, was responsible for designing, programming and testing based on UG secondary development all by oneself, was awarded the copyright of the Software and the system had passed the technical test and evaluation of SSTL; third, SJTU Course Design: Six-Degree of Freedom Mechanic-Arm, where he designed the parts and assembling drawing by ProE and Auto CAD with the workload of two pieces of A0 paper; and fourth, SJTU PRP: The Optimization and Simulation of Stamping Process in Servo-Press.

From his intern experience, we can also savor his great passion. He worked as Design Engineer in Planning Department, Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., where he accomplished the design and assembling draws of automotive front inner hood die by CATIA a week in advance and learned the process of stamping of automobile panel in detail, understood the key point of production process of car. He once worked for Schneider Electric (Shanghai) as Power-EC Mechanical Engineer, analyzing large amounts of data of circuit breakers’ breaking and tripping tests, maintaining the database, designing a software for extracting the experiment data from data base proactively and finishing the 4-hour-manual-work accurately in three minutes. He was a Core Member of BOSCH 2011 Elite Summer Camp, where he participated in “ERP Sand Table Simulation, the Future City Show” with the other 125 members all over China and was responsible for overall internal team communication task. In Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, he worked as Sales Intern, participated in the ASE Center project and was responsible for installing and providing technical support, product promotion and demand feedback task of East China. Also, he once was Mechanical Designer for Tai Yang Shi Textile Co., Ltd., where he designed a Cotton Yarn-Steaming Machine, which was able to produce water vapor at sub atmospheric to increase the water content of yarn, and was able to work for more than two and a half years, and he participated in the process of choosing, purchasing and assembling the machine parts and got familiar with mechanical designing process.

In terms of his extracurricular activities, his passion helped him achieve colorful results. He was President of Student Union of Plasticity Technology School, SJTU, Core Member of the 16th Elite Training Camp of Student Leaders, SJTU, and Director of Qiushui Association, a top ten association of SJTU. What is more, he was awarded Outstanding Volunteer for his service in Shanghai World Expo 2010.

No pains, no gains. He gained National Award for Distinguished Masters, School Outstanding Student Leaders in SJTU, and National Academic Scholarship of Class B and C in SJTU. Also, he was awarded Outstanding Graduates in Shanghai. Passion makes him different!

Reported by Li Jing