Cao Zhengxiao
Cao Zhengxiao

Keep moving, don’t settle

         Life is short, limiting us from trying all interesting things in the world. I believe that the truth of life is about experiencing, and the truth of love is about devotion. I enjoy experiencing different life so that I can take the chance when running into the true love. That’s why I chose to change my major from NAOCE to Electrical Engineering. I knew many obstacles are waiting for me, like now, like always. Obstacles are a part of special experience for me through which I strengthened myself. Life is tough, so you are gonna be tougher.
I don’t know what the time to settle down is, I only know that one should keep trying different lives before he says ‘enough’ and then settles down. An Indian philosopher proposed that when standing at the crossroad, we should choose to take the way that we haven’t tried. And this is, in my eyes, the pleasure of life.

About her

  • B.E. in School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering
  • Recipient of National Scholarship
  • Former Vice President of Sunny SJTUer

In the voyage of college years, she found herself was attracted by two things, voluntary work and electrical engineering. SJTU offered her a pre-admission with the major of Ocean Engineering. She appreciates the offer very much because in this university she has cultivated an independent mind and free personality. Having more interested in Electrical Engineering, she determined to transfer her major instead of hesitating. Although she realized the difficulties of changing major, it's always in her mind that she should try her best, and more importantly, on the right direction. Her application of transferring to Electrical Engineering was successfully accepted thanks to her high rank. Then she was faced with the problem of finishing three years' courses in two years. Besides learning tips and exchange experience with other transfer students, she gave up her spare time to study essential courses. "Sometimes life is just like this, we have to give up things and focus on what matters most", she said.

Other than her study life at SJTU, she has devoted much of her spare time to work both for the benefits of other people and for the joy from her deep heart. In the freshman year, she launched an initiative about caring for school staff. With the help of other students, she shot the video of different staff working for students and then posted it on the internet to call for attention. After this activity, several students expressed their appreciation for the hard work of those staff, and she was glad to be helpful. Besides, in the 2010 Shanghai World EXPO, she acted as volunteers to guide the mass visitors, standing there to offer help for almost 20 days. 

This experience had a deep influence on her and she fell in love with voluntary activities ever since. She said that volunteer life makes her life more meaningful. When she was the Toray Cup volunteer, she cheered the marathon competitors and supported their necessary supplies. And when she spent one week in Beijing on voluntary service at itinerary exhibition in memory of Qian Xuesen, a great scientist, she helped to explain to visitors his life and contribution to the science world. 

How can one experience life in all its diversity? Juts get on the boat to be ferried across to the next bank.

Reported by Li Jing