Yao Zheng
Yao Zheng

Yao Zheng (Yiu Ching) graduated from SJTU School of Materials Science and Engineering in 1970. After graduation, he worked at SJTU and Shanghai Municipal Government before moving to Hong Kong to be engaged in industrial investment and enterprise management. He has received several honorary fellowships and doctoral degrees from several American and Canadian universities. Yao Zheng is also an honorary professor and guest researcher at SJTU, and an invited researcher of China International Economic Development Research Center. In 2011, he donated RMB two million to the School of Material Sciences and Engineering.

Yao Zheng established Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Real Estate and Construction Technology Limited in 1992 and became the first President of the association; he has also been Vice President of Zhong Hua Construction Foundation. Now he is Vice President of Shanghai International Chamber of Commerce, China Council for the Promotion of International Trades and Shanghai World Trade Center Association, Chief Supervisor of China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association, Vice President of Shanghai Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association, and President and Founder of Pudong Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association.

As a member of the CPPCC National Committee from Hong Kong, Yao Zheng has taken an active role in the administration and discussion of political affairs. Meanwhile, he's also a charity enthusiast and has participated in many social welfare activities. Because of his outstanding contributions to charity, he has been awarded the "Asia-Pacific Most Socially Responsible Enterprise Award of China", "Outstanding Business Leader in China" and one of "China's 100 most influential people in reform and innovation".

Moreover, he was among the 60 greatest overseas Chinese entrepreneurs in the past 60 years selected by Management World sponsored by the Development Research Center of the State Council, which reckoned his special contributions to the development of the relationship between Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland.

Translated by Chen Meihe