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Qin Benjian
Qin Benjian

Qin Benjian, who majored in Management and graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1938, has donated two Tiesheng Buildings to SJTU (the Student House on Minhang Campus built in 1990 with the donation of $ 300,000 and the Faculty House on Xuhui Campus built in 1998 with the donation of $ 500,000). He has visited SJTU many times to participate in the university founding anniversaries and the inauguration ceremonies of Tiesheng Building. He won Shanghai Magnolia Silver Award in 1998. Tiesheng Building is named after Mr. Sun Tiesheng, father-in-law of Qin Benjian and former Dean of SJTU School of Architectural and Civil Engineering, to commemorate him.

Qin Benjian has always been concerned with the construction and development of SJTU. He donated to build SJTU's first student activity center in the west of Minhang Campus. In the early 1990s there were basically no complete student clubs for college students to carry out extracurricular activities; universities had to mark out a small area in the student cafeteria or auditorium for such a purpose. At that time, the construction of the surrounding community had not yet started, and there was a certain distance away from the campus to the downtown or any cultural entertainment centers. Therefore, students on Minhang Campus, who were stuck in the dorm-classroom-dorm life pattern, had very poor cultural activities and very dull extracurricular life. When Qin and his wife Sun Xiuying came back to attend the 94th anniversary of the founding of SJTU in 1990, they knew of the situation and wrote a letter to express their willingness to build a student club on Minhang Campus. They donated the student club, which was named Tiesheng Building, with deep feelings for his motherland and SJTU and earnest expectations on SJTU students.

Ever since it was put into use, Tiesheng Building has always been the center of cultural activities for students on Minhang Campus. It has provided excellent practical sites and performing stages for over 5,000 students to carry out extracurricular activities and cultural exchanges. Students say jokingly that the "cultural desert" of Minhang Campus finally has happy phenomenon: the gorgeous and colorful cultural activities in various forms, which are youthful, joyful and bright. As the first student activity center on Minhang Campus, Tiesheng Building has played an indispensable role in carrying out ideological and political student affairs. In 1998, Qin Benjian donated to build the Faculty and Staff House on Xuhui Campus, which is currently the main venue for faculty activities on Xuhui Campus.

-- Translated by Zhen Yinghui