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Shi Shijie
Shi shijie

Shi Shijie entered Jiao Tong University, majoring in vehicle in 1956 when the university was moving westward. The next year, he moved back to Shanghai, following his department of transport lifting machinery manufacturing. After graduation in 1961, subject to national allocation, he began working at the former Tangshan Railway College, the present Southwest Jiao Tong University and in 1989 the university moved to Chengdu, where he is working now.

From 1994, when Shanghai Jiao Tong University celebrated its centennial anniversary, to April 2009, Shi Shijie assumed the position of secretary at Shanghai Jiao Tong University Sichuan Alumni for 15 years. Besides, he concurrently worked as secretary of Jiao Tong University Sichuan Alumni Association from 1997.

During his position as secretary, Shi Shijie improved the framework of the civil organization and has made prominent contributions in obtaining the fixed office facilities, raising funds for activities and so on. At the 100th anniversary of SJTU, he together with other alumni in Sichuan made a marble painted panda screen by using the technique of high-pressure water cutting for the Alma mater. At the 110th anniversary, after overcoming many difficulties, he organized the four alumni associations in Sichuan to donate a pair of stone carvings of large-size mother panda and her calf with the same theme but slightly different appearance.

Shi Shijie's motto is to abide by the great tradition of his alma mater, namely "Responsibility and Gratitude" and being an honest man who is down-to-earth and diligent at work.

-- Translated by Zhang Shuang