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Lin Zhongqin
Zhang Guangdou

Lin Zhongqin received his Bachelor's degree in Naval Engineering from SJTU in 1982 and received his Ph.D. in Ship Structural Mechanics from SJTU in 1989.

From being an educated youth sent to work in a remote farm of Sichuan Province during Cultural Revolution to getting admitted to SJTU, from doing theoretical research of mechanics to conducting the automotive body control study which is in close touch with the market, Lin Zhongqin is always very clear about his goals when facing a major choice. He says: "In terms of intelligence, there are so many people who excel me. Now I have achieved something, which I attribute to the early setting of goals and to obtain my goals I have never slacked off nor given up. More importantly, it is the opportunities of growth my country has given me that matters. It is SJTU that has trained me."

In 2010, Lin Zhongqin donated all the reward of RMB one million yuan to set up the Shanghai Jiao Tong University "Chang Jiang Siyuan Grant" to reward undergraduates and postgraduates of School of Mechanical Engineering for their academic and technological innovation excellence. When suggested to name the scholarship after him, Lin said as a SJTU-er, he would never forget SJTU's motto of gratitude and responsibility and the wording of "Siyuan" reflected his gratitude to the Alma Mater.

Lin's research work adheres to the demand-driven principle with his three FAQ, namely "What is the demand of engineering?", "Why do other people never study it?", and "How to apply technology in practical engineering?".

In1997, Lin's team worked with Baosteel on the application technology of auto sheet, a technical bottleneck in China's automotive industry. They rose to the challenge and conducted modeling and analysis of sheet forging. The Baosteel-SJTU United Lab of AutoSheet Application Technology was also set up and by applying simulation technology the team effectively solved the autosheet quality issue that had nagged China for years. It had promoted the substitution of the domestic autosheet for the imported one.

In the new millennium, the demand for the high strength steel plate increased. Lin Zhongxin's team was immediately formed and set up the technology of the robust design of auto-body stamping, which promoted the domestic volume application of advanced high strength steel plate and improved the system and method of lean forming technology for auto sheet metal. Through technical research, Lin and his team closely combined production with demand, formed a positive interaction and bridged auto companies and auto sheet producers.

Besides, Lin Zhongqin also proposed the "2mm Project in China's Automobile Industry" which has been successfully applied and promoted in over 30 car models of Shanghai Volkswagen, SAIC Roewe and SAIC-GM-Wuling. In 2001 he proposed "digital sealed sample" method which has aroused international attention from the U.S. GM Corporation and others.  

"To build a world-class research team" is one of the goals Lin Zhongqin intends to achieve. Youth is the key to a dynamic team and National Natural Science Foundation plays an important role in the research startup of young research staff. So Lin always personally organizes a subject group to discuss the filing issue with young teachers. Now, each team member has more than one projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Lin Zhongqin always instills the "Brand Consciousness" into his students' minds, which means "solid foundation, rigorous study, established in application and pursuing preeminence". He always says: "There is no shortcut to success but only hard work of 70 or even 80 hours per week with firm determination can yield results." Now he has trained over seventy graduates with Master Degree, PhD Degree and postdoctoral fellows as well. Half of them have become the core force in university research and national backbone enterprises.