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Lin Lianxing
Lin Lianxing

Lin Lianxing, diversification entrepreneur, previously named Lin Meilu, was born in Kalimantan of Indonesia, November 1, 1928. His ancestral home is in Lianfeng Village of Donghan Town. He once assumed the positions of Chairman of Harita Jaya Raya and permanent chairman emeritus of Lin Clan Association in Indonesia.

Lin Lianxing has won the special award of the sixth China's Top 10 Economic Talents in 2009, honorable mention of "Top 10 Outstanding Chinese Business Leaders" in 2010, and medal of "Outstanding Patriot" etc. Besides, he was conferred the trophy and the certificate of "the most memorable philanthropist", the medal and certificate of "The Meritorious Characters in the Republic's Economic Construction" and the certificate of "Most Innovative Entrepreneur in 2010".

Lin Lianxing has spent his whole life in the pursuit of studies on Chinese culture and established Oriental Language and Culture Center with his friends. In 1994, he resolutely took the correspondence course of Chinese Language program in Overseas Education College at Xiamen University. In the year of 2000 when he was 72 years old, he finished the learning task of over 20 courses. In September of the same year, he started to study the Enterprise Management program at SJTU and in 2005 he graduated successfully. Besides, he also took courses of Modern Enterprise Management at National University of Singapore, Chinese Culture and History at Beijing Language and Culture University and MBA programs in Singapore. In 2011, the 83-year-old overseas Chinese Lin Lianxing was conferred the Certificate of Distinction by China Records Headquarters for being the oldest overseas Chinese to obtain an academic degree.

Lin Lianxing has always been public-spirited and in the year of 2000 he donated RMB 3.3 million for a building at SJTU which is named after him. In total, he has donated tens of millions of Yuan to China's charity and education course. As early as 1989, the school house of Lianfeng Primary School was rebuilt with the RMB 300,000 donated by him. In 1995, Mr. Lin and his sister raised RMB 2 million to start a high school which is named after his father. Besides, he and his sister also donated RMB 1 million to the road construction which links Donghan and Lianfeng. He also donated RMB 830,000 to hydraulic project of Minjiang River in Fujian.