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Dong Zengping
Dong Zengping

Born in 1970 and having obtained a Bachelor Degree in Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University with the major in high voltage, Dong Zengping is one of the founders of Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd. Ever since 1993, he has been working at Sieyuan Electric as Chairman or General Manager. Currently he serves as Chairman and General Manager at Sieyuan Electric, Legal Representative, Managing Director and General Manager of Beijing Asia Pacific Century Technology Development Limited Liability Company, and member of Shanghai Political Consultative Committee.

In 2007, Dong Zengping was honored "Best Boss of Listed Companies in China" by Forbes Maganize. On the occasion of 111th Anniversary of SJTU, Dong Zengping set up Li Fushou Siyuan Electrical Scholarship, which is named after his respected teacher to show his gratitude towards the Alma Mater and his dedication to carry forward SJTU's glorious tradition of "Gratitude and Responsibility".

The year of 2008 witnessed the hundredth anniversary of the founding of Electrical Engineering discipline at SJTU. Dong Zengping, on behalf of the whole alumni working at Sieyuan Electric, sent Electrical Engineering a generous gift, SJTU-Sieyuan Digital Power Research Center. With the aim to build up intelligent, self-healing, economical and cleaner electric power, the Center studies the fundamental technology system and key technology of digital power grid by starting with the key technology of digital substation. As a bridge between SJTU and Sieyuan Electric, the Center seizes the present since huge opportunities of the reform have presented in front of electrical system to jointly draw up a grand blueprint of "digital electric power".

In June 2011, Dong Zengping attended "SJTU 2011 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony" where he shard his growth experience at SJTU with the graduates and encouraged them to cherish every moment, to study, live and work with a happy state of mind, transcend themselves and serve the society. In September, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of graduation, he called on alumni who were enrolled in SJTU in 1987 to donate collectively RMB 6 million for setting up the "Class 41371/41372 Alumni Human Development Foundation". Dong Zengping himself contributed RMB 5 million to the Foundation. It is used to aid financially high-caliber lectures on humanities and social sciences and support the development and progress of quality-oriented education and liberal education at SJTU.

Translated by Chen Meihe